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Digital advancement is an evolution, not a revolution. As such, our list of 2019 streaming trends builds off of many you’ve seen before.While it’s been around for some time, live streaming is taking off in 2019. With adoption rates exploding, use cases proliferating, and video quality continuing to increase, the streaming industry’s influence on everyday life is at its zenith.Video is projected to account for 82 percent of internet traffic by 2022, a growing share of which will take the form of live streaming.The trifecta of technological advancement, improved connectivity, and video maturity makes streaming more accessible than ever. For this reason, video streaming will be employed not just by enterprises and media giants, but also by boutique organizations looking to engage customers near and far. From alternative meditation practices in the Pacific Northwest to artisanal cheese shops in the Netherlands, live streaming is now ubiquitously tied to business strategy. READ MORE