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After years of hype, AI is finally making headway in industries like manufacturing, medicine and transportation -- and it's beginning to play a supporting role in media & entertainment. AkamaiTV's Paul Jackson chatted with Peter Chave, Principal Architect here at Akamai, to learn how AI is stepping into the spotlight to not only change how content is produced, but also how we interact with it.Welcome back from the holidays! My daughter is home from college and I took her and her friend out to lunch this week. I was asking this friend about her favorite classes and they all involved machine learning, algorithmic optimization and artificial intelligence; and I thought, "I should introduce her to Peter Chave!"Why? Because we recently chatted with Peter Chave, our Principal Architect, in the latest episode of AkamaiTV to discuss AI and the future of this technology in media and entertainment. He believes that AI paired with OTT, metadata, facial recognition and image capture will have a significant impact on nearly all forms of entertainment media. And unlike other breakthrough technologies like virtual reality that's taken years to become mainstream, AI will begin reshaping media in a much shorter timeframe. READ MORE