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The media production and broadcast industry has a long-standing, but shortsighted, emphasis on the properties of video: video quality, video technology, video creativity. When audio properties are enhanced (e.g. Dolby 5.1 or VR 360 or Spatial Audio), this is often aimed at augmenting the video experience. In my decades in this industry, I’ve heard many times (usually from video editors) the terrifying statement: “Who cares? It’s only audio." Gasp!But if you take a deeper look at ways to engage and monetize, audio sans video can bring handsome returns.Imagine you're watching (and listening to!) the live stream of that hugely exciting boxing match, but you must make a trip to the store rather soon. The game reaches halftime, but you really want to catch the analysis. That is this the perfect time to switch the stream to audio, bringing you hands-free multitasking. Good news: your content provider is using OoyalaLIVE, so you can simply continue to listen to the stream with the audio-only player on your mobile device, while driving safely. READ MORE