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Blockchain video streaming is something which no one would have predicted ever when this technology was first introduced as a cryptocurrency operating platform. South Australia (SA) is likely to become the first location to embrace this technology in the entertainment industry. Entertainment streaming services are one of the emerging market sectors which can accelerate the economic growth of SA film industry.Premier Steven Marshall believes that blockchain help in the technological advancement of the entertainment sector with its integration in the video streaming. He stated that he has a long-range industry plan designed for this sector. He further added that there are wonderful facilities and their team is doing everything to promote the talent.It is speculated that are likely to receive huge funds for the blockchain video streaming integration. SA’s prospects in terms of blockchain adoption have been already expressed during an entrepreneurial technology event in Silicon Valley. In fact, Australia is one of the most promising upcoming blockchain hubs of the world, as published on In Daily. The best part about this entire industry is that the government has extended its support for towards the blockchain projects with quite a lot of enthusiasm. However, there are no big announcements are being done until about how blockchain will make its debut in the entertainment sector. READ MORE