Ant Media Integrates Zixi for Live Streaming

Zixi | February 10, 2023 | Read time : 02:49 min

Ant Media Integrates Zixi for Live Streaming

Zixi, a software development company, has recently partnered with Ant Media, and Ant Media Server (AMS) has integrated Zixi's software-defined video platform (SDVP) for real-time live streaming.

Using the Zixi protocol, AMS can connect to the vast broadcast-quality live sources and enhance stream resilience with aware routing and patented dynamic family entertainment centers (FEC), network utilization, bandwidth shaping, DTLS and AES content-encryption security, error-free video transfer over IP networks, less uptime, multicast transport, bandwidth efficiency, and encoder backpressure. It can also manage large-scale configurations and networking.

AMS is a streaming engine that uses Zixi-enabled live sources and provides streaming with WebRTC technology and sub-0.5-second latency. Auto-scale clustering assists publishers and viewers on a larger scale, supporting a wide range of viewers and streams. Its users can publish AMS streams to the SDVP, utilizing workflow, GPU-accelerated live transcoding, hitless failover, bonding over disparate networks, purpose-built live operations dashboards, live channels' centralized management, and enhanced visualization. In addition, it delivers Zixi-protected streams through the WebRTC full-stack network, SFU, MCU, and Data Channel for global reach.

CEO/Co-founder of Ant Media, Ahmet Oguz Mermerkaya, said, "With integrated Zixi Protocol support, Ant Media Servers have access to the industry-leading performance, efficiency, security, and reliability that the SDVP enables." He added, "By leveraging the combined AMS and SDVP solution, our common customers have access to high-performance, scalable real-time video distribution."

(Source – Cision PR Newswire)

Senior Vice President of Alliances and Marketing at Zixi, John Wastcoat, said, "This exciting integration was initially requested from a video game and Esports live streaming platforms." He added, "And Ant Media Server's WebRTC cutting-edge innovation delivers the infrastructure necessary for next-generation, mission-critical applications such as live game shows, e-learning, and mobile streaming."

(Source – Cision PR Newswire)

About Zixi

Zixi, a cloud-driven solutions provider, has an on-premises software-defined video platform, enabling reliable broadcast video delivery over any IP network, protocol, cloud provider, and edge device. Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, it has been offering technological services to mobile service providers, video providers, enterprises, and broadcasters worldwide. It specializes in the fields of live streaming, virtual content supply chain, glass-to-glass solutions, video distribution on a large scale, media processing, IP-based distribution, contribution at scale, forward error correction, OTT delivery, seamless failover, multi-path delivery, remote production solutions, live sports distribution, VOD delivery, broadcast solutions, and cloud services.



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Maxar Launches High-performance SYNTH3D Digital Twin

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Maxar Technologies (Maxar), a defense and space solutions provider, has recently launched a high-performance digital twin, SYNTH3D, providing geo-typical 3D representation of the entire planet for entertainment, gaming, simulation, virtual reality, smart cities and the metaverse. It has developed the platform through a partnership with SYNTH3D empowers developers and creators with 3D environment representatives of real-world locations for stimulation and visualization, enhancing aesthetics and performance for commercial applications. Its 3D digital twin is available in a highly compatible visual format representing geographic and building features for the selected area. It complements Precision3D in Maxar’s broader product portfolio and provides a 3D digital twin for various usages in different sectors. creates SYNTH3D with its generative artificial intelligence tool and Maxar’s Vivid imagery base map. The AI analysis about 1.4 billion buildings and generates 3D buildings procedurally. These buildings get geo-typical textures for life-like model creation. The selected buildings may look different in the real world, but the overall appearance with height and façade reflect regional archetypes. With various plug-ins and software development kits, it combines scalability, aesthetics and high performance for simulation. Maxar’s SVP and GM of Enterprise Earth Intelligence, Daniel Nord said, “SYNTH3D, created from Maxar’s Vivid basemap and’s patented technology, will revolutionize how various industries build and interact with VR environments.” He added, “This digital twin will be useful in scenarios such as developers creating the next-generation video games, producers working on upcoming films, and businesses assembling simulation environments; the opportunities are limited only by the imagination.” (Source – Business Wire) Founder and CEO of, Michael Putz said, “Maxar’s Vivid imagery basemap supercharged our development of SYNTH3D by providing a global 2D view that we could transform into a beautiful 3D digital twin.” He added, “I’m looking forward to seeing customers and developers unleash the power of SYNTH3D across innovative use cases.” (Source – Business Wire) About Maxar Headquartered in Westminster, Colorado, Maxar, a defense and space manufacturing company, offers satellites, earth imagery, geospatial data and analytics solutions. It is a trusted partner in earth intelligence and space infrastructure and has been striving for innovation since 1996. It serves customers from commercial and government sectors with solutions for monitoring, understanding and navigating the changing planet. It also delivers global broadband communications and advances the use of space. With experience and advanced technology, it offers cost-effective solutions with speed and scale. It trades on the New York and Toronto Stock Exchange as ‘MAXR.’

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