Cosm Acquires C360, an Immersive Video Production Company

Cosm | January 12, 2023 | Read time : 02:06 min

Cosm Acquires C360, an Immersive

On January 10, 2023, Cosm, a significant immersive media and technology producer, acquired C360 judiciously to power immersive experiences.

C360, established in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), delivers immersive video solutions to major broadcasters, digital partners, sports media firms, leagues, and multiple government agencies and initiatives.

Cosm was the lead investor in C360 in early 2022 when the company effectively raised funding to broaden its capabilities with major leagues, teams, and broadcasters and activate its technology in arenas, stadiums, and significant sporting events worldwide. Since Cosm's investment, the two companies have discovered more growth potential with broadcast and league partners and will continue to leverage related technological resources.

Jeb Terry, CEO and President at Cosm, said, "We invested in C360 last year to fuel its growth and, over the past twelve months, recognized the incredible opportunity for us to go further, together." He further added, “We have validated Cosm's best-in-class tech stack with our history of innovation, recent R&D developments, and well-defined roadmap. Now, with C360 as part of our team, our capabilities become even more formidable in the immersive and linear production space. This acquisition reinforces our commitment to our broadcast partners and the value-add approach we take to deal making. It is a testament to our aligned visions of redefining the way the world experiences content and bridging the gap between the experience economy and immersive technologies." 

Source: PRNewswire

C360's software and technology will add complementary elements to Cosm's sequential offering by capturing content in-house for its completely immersive venues, including its recently announced venues in Los Angeles as well as Dallas, and clients and partners in sports, entertainment, science and education, parks and attractions, and other industries.

About Cosm

Cosm is a multinational technology company that creates end-to-end immersive experience solutions. It is transforming the way the world consumes content. With 75 years of experience, the enterprise delivers the world's most immersive experiences with unique technology and state-of-the-art venues that flawlessly blend virtual and physical realities, redefining the realm of possibility. The company offers a full-stack experience solution, which involves physical design, engineering, and manufacturing, in addition to the software, display engine, and content requirements for delivering immersive experiences at scale. Its technology allows people to enjoy entertainment in innovative ways in three primary markets, i.e., sports and entertainment, science and education, and parks and attractions.


At Samsung's Unpacked, Samsung and Google are partnering on new tech innovations for AR/VR technology. Never miss a deal again! See CNET’s browser extension.


At Samsung's Unpacked, Samsung and Google are partnering on new tech innovations for AR/VR technology. Never miss a deal again! See CNET’s browser extension.

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