disguise Enhances All-in-one Broadcast Platform with Unreal Engine Graphics

disguise | January 19, 2023 | Read time : 03:18 min

disguise Enhances All-in-one Broadcast

On January 18, 2023, disguise released Porta 2.1, an exceptional update to its integrated software solution that easily enables the management of Unreal Engine graphics directly within their existing workflows with their News Room Computer System (NRCS) integration through MOS protocol.

Porta 2.1 users can intuitively control real-time graphics through enhanced data sharing with its new NRCS integration. Using Pixel Streaming and macros, in-house and remote teams can automate manual tasks with macros, preview Unreal Engine live, and more.

Grigory Mindlin, Broadcast General Manager at disguise said, “This latest Porta release ticks NRCS integration off the wishlists of many of our users, including NBC, TUDN and TV Globo. He added, “With it, broadcasters can now easily control all show graphics and live content, as well as LEDs, tracking systems, tickers and scorebugs – all from a single interface that can be used by multiple operators simultaneously.”

(Source- GlobeNewswire)

With Porta 2.1, broadcasters can take advantage of future tools for augmented reality or virtual production. As part of disguise's Emmy-Award-winning xR solutions, Porta 2.1 can display realistic 8K content on an LED set the size of a football field. Porta users worldwide can design fully integrated, comprehensive reality workflows with disguise's Meptik and disguise Lab's creative services teams.

A few additional benefits of this update include the following:

  • Stress-free teamwork- In their newsroom rundowns, graphics can be created by journalists, producers and directors. This can then be approved for graphics operators to play out from Porta.
  • Easier workflows for operators – This update enables operators to easily customize workflow and automate a show with the new visual macros and scheduling widgets. Porta UI can be customized even further by color-coding playlists and workspaces. Through macros, they can even generate playlists from data and reduce manual entry.
  • Faster deliveries- To reduce repetitive tasks and speed delivery, broadcasters can search for specific graphics and assign them to the right story.

Porta 2.1 will be a SaaS subscription, providing simple access and unlimited scalability.

About disguise

disguise is the platform to create, imagine, and deliver stunning visual experiences. Its award-winning extended reality (xR) solution has been used to power over 600 live, real-time, immersive productions for music artists. The company is making the next generation of collaborative tools to help technologists and artists bring their ideas to life. The company, a Financial Times 2022 Tech Hero, announced new majority backing from Carlyle Group and a minority stake from Epic Games. Through its training, clients and partners may master disguise technology, develop new skills, swiftly solve challenges, and maximize their potential.



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businesswire | March 31, 2023

Curiosity Inc, a leading global factual media and entertainment company, is announcing its 2023 spring and summer slate of original films, series, and specials coming to its flagship streaming service, Curiosity Stream. High-octane adventures showcase compelling stories from the real cowboys of the American West and an Egyptian queen who crushed a powerful priesthood, to the prehistoric behemoths of the African Savannah and history’s most intriguing – and unsolved – crimes. Every thriller needs a ticking clock, and there’s none more compelling than the melting of the world’s cryosphere. Premiering April 20th, the Curiosity original series Lift The Ice follows six field-leading experts as they climb, dive, rappel, ice axe, and tunnel their way to the heart of a rapidly-evolving global warming story. This 6-part adventure explores one of the greatest mysteries on Earth today -- what will be revealed when we lift the ice? The 5-part original natural history series GIANTS takes humanity’s obsession with size into the animal kingdom. Premiering May 18th, wildlife filmmaker Dan O’Neill leads an adventurous team around the globe to find the biggest beasts that walk our planet and unlock their evolutionary secrets like never before. Watch the GIANTS trailer here. And this summer, Grammy Award-winning musician and bard Dom Flemons takes us on a riveting ride through the history of early America in The Real Wild West. Beyond the gunslingers and lawmen, meet the diverse pioneers -- black and Hispanic cowboys, female homesteaders, immigrants, and tribal leaders -- who shaped a country. Curiosity Stream’s original films, series, and specials coming soon: Lift The Ice We’ve long suspected that the frozen parts of our planet are hiding life-changing scientific discoveries, historical mysteries, rare viruses, and possibly even the key to the search for alien life. Follow a team of fearless scientists and explorers on a journey to the end of the Earth, as they make ground-breaking discoveries and solve scientific puzzles that could radically reshape the future of humanity. A 6-part series produced by Beach House Productions and Curiosity Studios. GIANTS GIANTS combines the latest science and cutting-edge CGI to connect the dots among the behemoths that roam our natural world, both past and present, and to explore how to protect their habitats for the future. Filmmaker Dan O’Neill leads a team of field biologists, bioengineers, and animal behaviorists to explore how these formidable creatures managed to achieve such massive proportions and what processes drive such extremes of nature. A 5-part series produced by Off the Fence and Curiosity Studios. Queens Of Ancient Egypt Cleopatra is the most famous of all the ancient queens, but history is revealing extraordinary new details about the other matriarchs who presided over the birth of ancient Egypt. These are the incredible, untold stories of Egypt’s female monarchs, many of whose names and stories are all but forgotten… until now. Drawing on fascinating new discoveries and cutting-edge research, explore how these women became standard bearers for their sex long before the modern era. A 3-part series produced by Tile Films and Curiosity Studios. Unearthed: Ancient Murder Mysteries Homicide detective Rod Demery and famed scientist Professor Turi King team up to investigate history’s most intriguing murders using modern investigation techniques. Demery visits crime scenes and interviews archaeologist witnesses, while King, best known for leading the DNA verification of Richard III of England, examines the latest forensic evidence. Unearthing a list of suspects for each murder, Demery and King use their extensive experience to predict the killer’s identity. A 6-part series produced by Off the Fence and Curiosity Studios. The Real Wild West The famed wild west – where outlaws rampage and lawmen become legends – is a great story. Cowboys and native Americans are eternal archetypes, but the real history of the American West is filled with rich tales of diverse pioneers, unprecedented opportunity, ambition, fortune, and technological marvels that change the country and the world. This is the definitive story of the American West. A 4-part series produced by Roller Coaster Road Productions and Curiosity Studios. Zombie Fungus Attack The next breath you take is loaded with fungi spores. While most are not harmful, it’s time for viruses to step aside and give fungal infections the attention they require. 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Breakthrough: Jupiter’s Moons and the Search for Life We’ve known about them for centuries and have been photographing them for decades, but now a new pair of missions will be launching to bring us closer than ever to Jupiter’s icy moons: Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede. Will the missions finally find the answer to astronomy’s biggest question… do the conditions for life exist beyond Earth? Produced by Curiosity Studios. About Curiosity Curiosity Inc is the entertainment brand for people who want to know more. The global media company is home to award-winning original and curated factual films, shows, and series covering science, nature, history, technology, society, and lifestyle. With approximately 23 million paying subscribers worldwide and thousands of titles, the company operates the flagship Curiosity Stream SVOD service, available in more than 175 countries; Curiosity Channel, the linear television channel available via global distribution partners; Curiosity Now, a free, ad-supported channel; Curiosity Audio Network, featuring original content and podcasts; and Curiosity Studios, which oversees original programming. Curiosity Inc. also owns and operates One Day University, which provides access to engaging talks and lectures from leading university and college professors. Curiosity Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of CuriosityStream Inc. (Nasdaq: CURI).

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HyperX and Riot Games Extend Partnership for VALORANT Champions Tour

HyperX | March 14, 2023

HyperX, a games solutions provider, and Riot Games (Riot) have recently announced a multi-year global partnership extension for the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT). Previously worked as VCT founding partner in 2021, HyperX continues the partnership for the gaming keyboard, mice and mouse pads officially. Through this partnership, Riot would source HyperX gaming products for VCT global events as follows: The inaugural VCT LOCK//IN tournament: Concluded with FNATIC taking the title and securing a slot for VCT EMEA at Champions 2023 VCT Masters: Will be conducted in June in Tokyo, Japan VCT Champions: Culminating event with first world champion for new VCT VALORANT Game Changers Championship: Event for Riot’s celebration of top women’s pro teams The sport debuts a new league model and competitive ecosystem of three international leagues, VCT Americas, VCT EMEA, and VCT Pacific, for VCT in the year 2023. These leagues comprise about 30 teams and 20+ Challenger leagues with different groups worldwide. Launched in 2020, VALORANT continued to be one of the fastest-growing games in the world. In 2022, VCT Champions Grand Final had over 1.5 million peak viewers, about 1.25 million average minute audiences, and approximately a 34% increase in growth than the previous year. About Riot Games Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Riot Games, a computer gaming company, provides video games, development, publishing and games as a service. It has revolutionized the video games industry since 2006. From League of Legends to VALORANT, it has been growing in e-sports and expanding games into entertainment. It has about 4,500 customers and more than 20 offices worldwide. It featured in the lists of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials, 25 Best Companies to Work in Technology, and 50 Best Workplaces for Flexibility.

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WIN Reality Launches New VR Baseball Coaching

prnewswire | May 23, 2023

WIN Reality, the virtual reality training and assessment platform for athletes, announced today the launch of their latest in-game coaching product, WIN Elite. This new offering is designed to provide direct, personalized coaching and analysis for young baseball and softball players to improve their hitting performance in real-time in an immersive VR environment. WIN Elite is centered around individualized 1:1 coaching from a core group of coaching professionals who lead hitting lessons with athletes in real time. The combination of coaching with VR provides game speed repetitions with real time metrics. The program includes working through fundamental drills, hitting scenarios, and teaching a winner's mentality, all designed to improve performance at the plate. With Elite, athletes will experience coaching that is normally only accessible to elite athletes and teams. Scheduling is flexible and athletes can join the platform from anywhere with a wifi connection, making WIN Elite a convenient training option for both players and parents. "There's no substitute for a coach, but not everyone has the time and resources for in person, 1:1 instruction on top of the rigors of school, practice, and games," says Ben Schragger, Director of Customer Experience at WIN Reality. "With WIN Elite, young players can unlock the benefits of a private hitting coach, including custom development plans, from the comfort of their own home." Beyond the advantages of a VR environment, WIN Elite leverages accountability between the players and the coaches in order to help develop athletes who are just getting started in sports all the way through elite high school players preparing for their transition to college. That means personal training plans with clear expectations of completion coupled with on-demand text messages directly between coaches and players. It also means access to community events periodically that feature Q&As with college athletes, interactive training livestreams with other coaches, and info sessions on college recruiting and other off-the-field topics. "We launched WIN Reality because we knew that a VR environment can help more players hone their performance," said Chris O'Dowd, Founder and CEO of WIN Reality and former pro baseball player. "But that's no substitute for the value of a personal coach guiding a player's growth in the game. By bringing together the best of technology with the power of individual attention and instruction, we know that our young players can make the most of their growth in the sport." "Being able to throw the headset on, take swings, and receive instantaneous feedback about how you're performing, you can't rival that", said Chris Love, WIN Elite Parent. "The ability for Winter, my son, to train virtually with his WIN Elite coach, who played high-level baseball, is as good or better than any in person coach Winter has had up until this point." WIN Reality is hosted on the Meta Quest headset and the platform is available at both as well as the Meta Quest store. WIN Elite is $299 for a three-month subscription in addition to the basic pricing for WIN Reality at $29/month. Introductory pricing offers are currently available for new users. About WIN Reality WIN Reality's virtual reality -based training tool is used by thousands of youth players and hundreds of professional and collegiate baseball athletes, including most Major League Baseball (MLB) franchises and more than 100 NCAA teams. Delivered through the Meta Quest headset, the company's software solution allows baseball and softball players to step into a virtual ballpark and take game-speed pitches that move as they would in a live environment. With a library of over 7,000 real-life pitchers and nearly two million pitches, users can participate in a near-infinite number of hitting drills and pitching simulations with real-time data-driven insights to improve pitch-recognition abilities and swing attributes. MLB players who used WIN as a game-prep tool exhibited 19% higher batting averages, 12% higher on-base percentages, and an 18% better plate-discipline ratio, according to a joint WIN-MLB study. Within the last year, players have faced nearly 40 million pitches on the WIN platform.

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