Nex Gives Developers a Sneak Peek at Its Eye-Catching Motion Entertainment Device at GDC 2023

businesswire | March 23, 2023 | Read time : 04:44 min


Nex, a leader in motion entertainment, today announced they will be offering an exclusive first look at Nex Playground, a new entertainment device that delivers immersive games and experiences powered by body motion, at the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) on March 22-24 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. GDC attendees will also get to experience a broad portfolio of motion games and experiences at Nex’s booth.

“Finding entertainment choices that are active, positive, and healthy can be a challenge for anyone, and families in particular. Nex Playground encourages new forms of physical play, and also brings people together,” said David Lee, co-founder and CEO of Nex. “At GDC, we want to show creators how full-body motion interaction is something any game developer can leverage to open up a new world of immersive motion-based experiences.”

Nex Playground delivers the most natural and intuitive way to play with no extra wearables. Simply connect Nex Playground to a big screen TV and you’ll instantly transform your living room into an active play space. Nex Playground sees your body movements and provides endless hours of fun for the whole family. It’s like an arcade, theme park, sports park, playground, and gym, all rolled into one. Nex Playground supports any number of players and can even connect friends for remote play. The Nex Playground remote is equipped with haptic feedback, allowing motion games to become even more immersive and magical.

In addition to previewing the new device, Nex is inviting all game developers and designers who want to build immersive, motion-powered gameplay experiences to join their presentation on “Motion Tracking Meets AI, Creating a New Category of Games” at the GDC Partner Stage on March 22 at 11:30 a.m. Lee will introduce new and powerful motion capture tools for development in Unity, and explain how to publish motion-based games on a variety of consumer devices and platforms, including Nex Playground.

To help the motion entertainment ecosystem accelerate, Nex has created a package of content development tools that allow game and content developers to create their own motion experiences. This includes the Nex Motion Developer Kit (MDK), an AI-powered toolkit for building motion interactive content and games right within Unity. Nex has been working closely with a few game developers already to put the MDK to the test.

“Here's the wonderful thing about motion games: the player's body is way richer and more intricate than any controller could ever be,” said Mattia Traverso, the BAFTA finalist Game Designer who will be joining Lee on stage for the presentation. “Players can be very creative in the way they interact with our games through their body poses and movements. Now we can build games that respond to these organic inputs and create new kinds of experiences that would not be possible before. And what’s cool about Nex’s Motion Developer Kit is that it’s really easy to create these kinds of games now.”

As pioneers in motion entertainment, Nex is paving the way to a powerful new interactive paradigm that taps into the pure joy of physical activity. Within its motion entertainment ecosystem, endless possibilities await in a range of experiences spanning different realms of interest, from dance to sports to education to interactive adventures. Compared to traditional video games and fitness apps, Nex’s motion-based experiences blend movement and interactive content to deliver entertainment that is as intuitive as using your hands and feet. The experiences require no headset, keyboard, or game controller to enjoy, instead leveraging natural body movement to interact with the myriad of activities.

Nex’s motion experiences are available on billions of camera-enabled consumer devices such as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Starting this summer, some of Nex’s games like Starri, a heart-pounding motion-based rhythm game, will also become available on Steam. Additionally, Nex is currently collaborating closely with operators, TV manufacturers, brands and IP holders to bring motion entertainment to life.

Nex Playground is slated to launch alongside a subscription catalog of more than 30 games and experiences, with the first batch of units targeting holiday 2023. In June, the company plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign for Nex Playground, which will offer priority access to early inventory and other perks. For an opportunity to be an early backer, sign up HERE. Developer kit units will be available this summer.

Nex collaborated with level Design, a woman-led industrial design shop based in San Francisco, to create the design of Nex Playground, and SKYWORTH Group Limited, a leading supplier of advanced, high-quality TV and entertainment solutions, to produce the physical models being shown at GDC.

About Nex

Nex is helping humanity reconnect with the joy of movement through fun, social, and interactive motion entertainment that’s accessible on any modern camera-equipped device. Using cutting-edge AI, mobile, and vision technologies, Nex merges the digital and physical worlds, so players are immersed in the experience using their natural body movement. Nex has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, Time’s Best Inventions, and has been awarded the prestigious Apple Design Award. Nex apps are used in more than 200 countries around the world and include HomeCourt, Active Arcade, Party Fowl, Starri, Miniacs Steering Madness and Peppa Pig: Jump and Giggle.



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The Thrill of Adventure Comes to Curiosity Stream This Spring and Summer With Brand-Defining Originals

businesswire | March 31, 2023

Curiosity Inc, a leading global factual media and entertainment company, is announcing its 2023 spring and summer slate of original films, series, and specials coming to its flagship streaming service, Curiosity Stream. High-octane adventures showcase compelling stories from the real cowboys of the American West and an Egyptian queen who crushed a powerful priesthood, to the prehistoric behemoths of the African Savannah and history’s most intriguing – and unsolved – crimes. Every thriller needs a ticking clock, and there’s none more compelling than the melting of the world’s cryosphere. Premiering April 20th, the Curiosity original series Lift The Ice follows six field-leading experts as they climb, dive, rappel, ice axe, and tunnel their way to the heart of a rapidly-evolving global warming story. This 6-part adventure explores one of the greatest mysteries on Earth today -- what will be revealed when we lift the ice? The 5-part original natural history series GIANTS takes humanity’s obsession with size into the animal kingdom. Premiering May 18th, wildlife filmmaker Dan O’Neill leads an adventurous team around the globe to find the biggest beasts that walk our planet and unlock their evolutionary secrets like never before. Watch the GIANTS trailer here. And this summer, Grammy Award-winning musician and bard Dom Flemons takes us on a riveting ride through the history of early America in The Real Wild West. Beyond the gunslingers and lawmen, meet the diverse pioneers -- black and Hispanic cowboys, female homesteaders, immigrants, and tribal leaders -- who shaped a country. Curiosity Stream’s original films, series, and specials coming soon: Lift The Ice We’ve long suspected that the frozen parts of our planet are hiding life-changing scientific discoveries, historical mysteries, rare viruses, and possibly even the key to the search for alien life. Follow a team of fearless scientists and explorers on a journey to the end of the Earth, as they make ground-breaking discoveries and solve scientific puzzles that could radically reshape the future of humanity. A 6-part series produced by Beach House Productions and Curiosity Studios. GIANTS GIANTS combines the latest science and cutting-edge CGI to connect the dots among the behemoths that roam our natural world, both past and present, and to explore how to protect their habitats for the future. Filmmaker Dan O’Neill leads a team of field biologists, bioengineers, and animal behaviorists to explore how these formidable creatures managed to achieve such massive proportions and what processes drive such extremes of nature. A 5-part series produced by Off the Fence and Curiosity Studios. Queens Of Ancient Egypt Cleopatra is the most famous of all the ancient queens, but history is revealing extraordinary new details about the other matriarchs who presided over the birth of ancient Egypt. These are the incredible, untold stories of Egypt’s female monarchs, many of whose names and stories are all but forgotten… until now. Drawing on fascinating new discoveries and cutting-edge research, explore how these women became standard bearers for their sex long before the modern era. A 3-part series produced by Tile Films and Curiosity Studios. Unearthed: Ancient Murder Mysteries Homicide detective Rod Demery and famed scientist Professor Turi King team up to investigate history’s most intriguing murders using modern investigation techniques. Demery visits crime scenes and interviews archaeologist witnesses, while King, best known for leading the DNA verification of Richard III of England, examines the latest forensic evidence. Unearthing a list of suspects for each murder, Demery and King use their extensive experience to predict the killer’s identity. A 6-part series produced by Off the Fence and Curiosity Studios. The Real Wild West The famed wild west – where outlaws rampage and lawmen become legends – is a great story. Cowboys and native Americans are eternal archetypes, but the real history of the American West is filled with rich tales of diverse pioneers, unprecedented opportunity, ambition, fortune, and technological marvels that change the country and the world. This is the definitive story of the American West. A 4-part series produced by Roller Coaster Road Productions and Curiosity Studios. Zombie Fungus Attack The next breath you take is loaded with fungi spores. While most are not harmful, it’s time for viruses to step aside and give fungal infections the attention they require. Dive into the world of dangerous fungi that are a threat to humans and get an in depth look at the war between ants and fungi. Produced by Curiosity Studios. Normandy: Land of Warriors From the Viking invasions to William the Conqueror to the great sieges of Richard the Lionheart, the history of Normandy is an incredible military epic spanning more than 300 years. Take a deep dive into the great armed conflicts that made the Normans one of the world’s most powerful dynasties. A 3-part series produced by ZED Studios and Curiosity Studios. History: The Interesting Bits Factual really can be funny! Take an irreverent look at some of history’s biggest happenings through some of its fruitiest facts. History: The Interesting Bits rambles across centuries, making connections, checking out the weird people and strange events – and most importantly -- editing out the boring stuff -- to explore the mad, epic, salacious, and frankly unbelievable parts of our past that don’t always make it into the history books. An 8-part series produced by Impossible Factual and Curiosity Studios. Nature’s Hidden Miracles Humans may think they are the smartest, most evolved lifeforms on the planet. But science says… not so. Explore the natural world through the latest cutting-edge science as it leads us deeper into the workings of evolution, going far beyond what we thought we knew. From the lush greenery that covers our planet to the microorganisms invisible to the naked eye, be prepared to experience our world in a brand-new light. A 3-part series produced by NHK and Curiosity Studios. Breakthrough: Jupiter’s Moons and the Search for Life We’ve known about them for centuries and have been photographing them for decades, but now a new pair of missions will be launching to bring us closer than ever to Jupiter’s icy moons: Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede. Will the missions finally find the answer to astronomy’s biggest question… do the conditions for life exist beyond Earth? Produced by Curiosity Studios. About Curiosity Curiosity Inc is the entertainment brand for people who want to know more. The global media company is home to award-winning original and curated factual films, shows, and series covering science, nature, history, technology, society, and lifestyle. With approximately 23 million paying subscribers worldwide and thousands of titles, the company operates the flagship Curiosity Stream SVOD service, available in more than 175 countries; Curiosity Channel, the linear television channel available via global distribution partners; Curiosity Now, a free, ad-supported channel; Curiosity Audio Network, featuring original content and podcasts; and Curiosity Studios, which oversees original programming. Curiosity Inc. also owns and operates One Day University, which provides access to engaging talks and lectures from leading university and college professors. Curiosity Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of CuriosityStream Inc. (Nasdaq: CURI).

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Maxar Launches High-performance SYNTH3D Digital Twin

Maxar | March 08, 2023

Maxar Technologies (Maxar), a defense and space solutions provider, has recently launched a high-performance digital twin, SYNTH3D, providing geo-typical 3D representation of the entire planet for entertainment, gaming, simulation, virtual reality, smart cities and the metaverse. It has developed the platform through a partnership with SYNTH3D empowers developers and creators with 3D environment representatives of real-world locations for stimulation and visualization, enhancing aesthetics and performance for commercial applications. Its 3D digital twin is available in a highly compatible visual format representing geographic and building features for the selected area. It complements Precision3D in Maxar’s broader product portfolio and provides a 3D digital twin for various usages in different sectors. creates SYNTH3D with its generative artificial intelligence tool and Maxar’s Vivid imagery base map. The AI analysis about 1.4 billion buildings and generates 3D buildings procedurally. These buildings get geo-typical textures for life-like model creation. The selected buildings may look different in the real world, but the overall appearance with height and façade reflect regional archetypes. With various plug-ins and software development kits, it combines scalability, aesthetics and high performance for simulation. Maxar’s SVP and GM of Enterprise Earth Intelligence, Daniel Nord said, “SYNTH3D, created from Maxar’s Vivid basemap and’s patented technology, will revolutionize how various industries build and interact with VR environments.” He added, “This digital twin will be useful in scenarios such as developers creating the next-generation video games, producers working on upcoming films, and businesses assembling simulation environments; the opportunities are limited only by the imagination.” (Source – Business Wire) Founder and CEO of, Michael Putz said, “Maxar’s Vivid imagery basemap supercharged our development of SYNTH3D by providing a global 2D view that we could transform into a beautiful 3D digital twin.” He added, “I’m looking forward to seeing customers and developers unleash the power of SYNTH3D across innovative use cases.” (Source – Business Wire) About Maxar Headquartered in Westminster, Colorado, Maxar, a defense and space manufacturing company, offers satellites, earth imagery, geospatial data and analytics solutions. It is a trusted partner in earth intelligence and space infrastructure and has been striving for innovation since 1996. It serves customers from commercial and government sectors with solutions for monitoring, understanding and navigating the changing planet. It also delivers global broadband communications and advances the use of space. With experience and advanced technology, it offers cost-effective solutions with speed and scale. It trades on the New York and Toronto Stock Exchange as ‘MAXR.’

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FitXR Announces New App Integration With Strava

FitXR | March 21, 2023

FitXR, the VR fitness app with the most robust suite of offerings in the metaverse, today, announced new app integration with Strava, leading subscription platform at the center of connected fitness, to provide FitXR members a more comprehensive snapshot of their fitness journey through shared data. The partnership marks another major moment in FitXR’s commitment to providing an elevated and accessible digital experience that enables users to set and achieve fitness goals with ease. “As more people look to take control of their health and fitness goals, there is a greater need for the ability to easily access and track key metrics across platforms,” said Kelly Cosentino, FitXR’s Head of Fitness. “FitXR’s integration with Strava provides our members with a holistic digital solution that easily fits into their lifestyles. We are excited to empower people at all levels of activity by helping them to account daily for every step, mile, elbow strike and dance move completed on any terrain – whether it be virtual or physical.” Through FitXR’s free companion app, users are now able to seamlessly share their preferred data automatically after every workout with the Strava app. With this integration, FitXR users on the free companion app can seamlessly share their workouts to the Strava platform. With over 100 million users in 190 countries, Strava unlocks the ability for FitXR users to set goals, connect with an active community, and share their virtual activities with active people around the world. The strategic partnership furthers FitXR’s mission to build the most immersive virtual fitness club experience that is designed to be customizable for individual preferences. Through increased data connectivity, FitXR users will be better positioned to get the most out of FitXR’s virtual offerings as well as the apps that motivate and inspire them to keep moving. About FitXR FitXR merges immersive VR with total body workouts designed by top fitness experts. Dedicated to making fitness more fun and accessible for everyone, FitXR offers classes within five distinct workout studios - Box, Dance, HIIT, Sculpt and Combat. FitXR provides a truly engaging, multiplayer experience along with constantly refreshed classes, environments and music. FitXR is available on Meta Quest 2.

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