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ODK Media, Inc. Is Giving OnDemandKorea Its Biggest UI/UX Overhaul In 11 Years

ODK Media, Inc. Is Giving OnDemandKorea
ODK Media, Inc., an independent international media group, debuted a major UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) overhaul for its largest streaming service, OnDemandKorea, on the company's 11th anniversary. The site and app redesign reinforces ODK Media, Inc's brand identity and delivers a consistent user experience across all devices: web, mobile app and CTV. The significant front-end changes are supported by the company's proprietary back-end platform, ODX, which enables features including enhanced content discovery, FAST (24/7 live and curated channels), a streamlined VOD experience, and personalization.Last October, ODK Media, Inc. released a  massive roll-out of 6 CTV apps, including Roku, Samsung, LG, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV, allowing users to access OnDemandKorea content on more devices in its updated format.

"Changing the face familiar to our users for 11 years was not an easy decision, However, we are assured of what users value the most in consuming content, generating insight from the user's behavioral data and customer communications. We focused on simplicity to improve the user experience on the front-end while creating the technology infrastructure to support all the features that drive up user engagement. Our back-end platform, ODX, allows us to revolutionize our services with scale and flexibility, adapting to the needs of both our users and our brand partners."

-Peter Park, CPO of ODK Media, Inc.

ODX, ODK Media, Inc.'s proprietary unified platform, supports linear channels and VOD technology for the several international streaming services owned and operated by ODK Media, Inc. by managing each services' CMS (Content Management System), search and recommendation engine, data warehousing,  and monetization–whether through advertising, subscription, or both.

ODK Media, Inc., an AAPI-certified and influential media company serving multicultural communities, continues to drive technology innovation and product excellence. With its strategic service line-up of international OTT streaming platforms, digital magazines, e-commerce platforms, metadata production, and content distribution platform, ODK Media, Inc. has a holistic view of user behavior and intentions, while providing quality content and service. The new face of OnDemandKorea, the first and largest streaming platform that delivers Korean TV shows, movies, news, varieties, and more, is now available through its beta version of website,; downloadable in Apple and Android mobile app stores; and major CTV platforms including Roku, LG, AppleTV and Android TV.

About ODK Media
Since 2011, ODK Media, Inc. has connected viewers in North America to premium international content, serving as the media hub of choice for AAPI communities nationwide. Through its owned and operated service platforms and its distribution partners, including global top streaming services, cable operators, and movie theaters, ODK Media, Inc. brings diverse content and experiences to American audiences. As an independent media group, ODK Media, Inc. owns and/or operates 1) international OTT streaming platforms OnDemandKorea, OnDemandChina, OnDemandViet, OnDemandLatino; 2) Zapzee, a digital magazine covering all the latest news on K-POP, Korean media, and celebrity life; 3) ODK shop, an e-commerce platform selling Korea's top Beauty and Lifestyle products in the US; 4) ODK Box, a user-friendly streaming TV device that provides access to all content from OnDemandKorea and includes live Korean channels; 5) Tailor Contents, a metadata production and distribution platform, collecting and processing Asian media data worldwide and 6) ODK media distribution platform connecting international content producers and studios from more than 36 countries to North American streaming services, broadcast companies, and movie theaters.



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