Panasonic Introduces LZ2000 OLED TV for 2022

Panasonic | January 05, 2022

  • Available in 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch sizes
  • Tuned in Hollywood custom "Master OLED Pro" configuration to deliver more in mid-level brightness
  • New gaming features include a Game Control Board, automatic NVIDIA GPU detection, latency improvements for 60Hz gaming, and HDMI2.1 compatibility out of the box
  • Ambient light temperature picture optimization and smoother Auto AI mode with additional support from external devices
  • Array speakers with directional audio, and built-in, multi-side firing speakers that deliver a superb surround sound experience and Dolby Atmos®
  • "Tuned by Technics" sound system developed by engineers from Panasonic's acclaimed audio brand, Technics

Today, Panasonic announced the launch of its flagship OLED TV, the LZ2000, available in 55-inch, 65-inch and for the first time 77-inch sizes.

Thanks to its Hollywood tuning and superb color accuracy, Panasonic OLED TVs are the best choice to view films and high-quality TV series.  With the new Game Control Board settings, automatic NVIDIA GPU detection, improved 60Hz latency and HDMI2.1 support, the LZ2000 is a gaming TV powerhouse.

Panasonic delivers optimum picture and sound quality regardless of how or what content is being viewed with its nuanced picture optimization based on the ambient light color temperature and smoother Auto AI genre detection.

The improvement of the front-firing speakers also unlocks new usability allowing sounds to be directed accurately within a room.


The LZ2000 OLED TV has advanced sensors that detect the ambient room light color temperature and adjusts the picture to deliver a natural experience while watching throughout the day. This new feature builds on Panasonic's Auto AI mode, introduced last year, which uses Artificial Intelligence that in real time identifies the content being played and automatically optimizes both picture and sound quality, without the user needing to manually adjust settings.

The new sensor works together with the HCX Pro AI processor to adjust tone individually in the most realistic way based on the ambient light, to deliver a more comfortable nighttime viewing experience. The HCX Pro AI chip preserves colors with which the human eye is familiar, such as skin tones, to ensure a natural picture.

Auto AI mode now auto-detects what type of content you are watching, and automatically optimizes the picture and sound quality more seamlessly. For example, if you're watching high-quality film content, you are transported to the cinema. But if you're watching a sports game, the LZ2000 OLED TV will detect that and take you virtually to the stadium itself.


The LZ2000 OLED TV's new 77-inch size is called the 'Master OLED Pro – Cinema Size.'

All three sizes use the latest generation of "Master OLED Pro" configuration to deliver even more brightness to improve in picture quality processing. The result increases mid-level brightness delivering more pop from HDR and improved accuracy in reproducing details in brighter areas.

The new LZ2000 OLED TV represents the combination of Panasonic's technical accuracy made possible by Japanese knowhow and engineering with the color-tuning skills of Stefan Sonnenfeld, founder and CEO of Company 3. Sonnenfeld is a trusted collaborate of some of the world's best filmmakers. He is among a handful of leading artists who has championed the power of color grading to tell stories and communicate emotion. Described by NPR as a "da Vinci of the movies," Sonnenfeld has applied his skills as a colorist to many of the most acclaimed and popular features of the past decade, including "A Star is Born," "Wonder Woman," "Man of Steel," "Beauty and the Beast," "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," "Jurassic World," "300" and many more. Like many other leading colorists and post-production houses, he uses Panasonic OLED screens as large-format client reference monitors.

The LZ2000 OLED TV supports a very wide range of HDR formats, including Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Vision, Filmmaker Mode, HDR10+ Adaptive, and HLG Photo, the still image format which brings still photography into the HDR world.


The LZ2000 OLED TV introduces directional sound in addition to Panasonic's 360° Soundscape all-in-one TV audio package capable of delivering Dolby Atmos immersive audio experience. The multiple built-in upward-firing, side-firing, and front-firing speaker units produce a spatial soundstage with Dolby Atmos content.

Panasonic, the first TV brand to introduce built-in upward-firing and side-firing speaker, has improved its sound quality with new array speakers that run the entire length of the TV for an immersive sound experience.

The LZ2000 OLED TV's superb directional sound can direct sound away from sleeping children as well as boost the volume for viewers who are hard of hearing.


Panasonic's LZ2000 OLED TV delivers even more improvements for the growing number of gamers who choose Panasonic TVs as their gaming monitor of choice.

A new feature, the Game Control Board, collects all relevant game settings and information in one place and presents them as an overlay over the game so that you never need to leave the game to access them. It can be programmed to be accessed by just one click on the remote control by assigning it to the customizable "my App" button.

About Panasonic Corporation of North America    
Newark, NJ-based Panasonic Corporation of North America is committed to creating a better life and a better world by enabling its business-to-business customers through innovations in Sustainable Energy, Immersive Entertainment, Integrated Supply Chains and Mobility Solutions. The company is the principal North American subsidiary of Osaka, Japan-based Panasonic Corporation. One of Interbrand's Top 100 Best Global Brands of 2021, Panasonic is a leading technology partner and integrator to businesses, government agencies and consumers across the region.


Consumers expect to watch the content they want, at any time, on the device they prefer. Meeting these requirements in a world of increasing online video consumption means supporting all major DRM’s and being able to easily configure policies across all of these. This infographic shows what this looks like.


Consumers expect to watch the content they want, at any time, on the device they prefer. Meeting these requirements in a world of increasing online video consumption means supporting all major DRM’s and being able to easily configure policies across all of these. This infographic shows what this looks like.

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