Rendever Unveils RendeverFit- A New Virtual Reality Fitness Platform for Seniors

Rendever | September 08, 2021

Rendever, the leading virtual reality (VR) platform built to help seniors overcome social isolation through shared experiences, today announces the launch of its new interdisciplinary VR fitness platform, RendeverFit - the first VR application that merges physical fitness with cognitive fitness and socialization, designed specifically for older adults. This new product offering comes on the heels of a $2M NIH Phase II grant, allowing the Rendever team to further research the impact of VR on seniors.

Studies show that physical activity among older adults reduces the risk of numerous diseases and chronic conditions, delays the onset of dementia, and improves overall health and wellbeing. Meanwhile, social engagement is proven to improve mental health, emotional, psychological, and cognitive function. In response, RendeverFit was created, combining physical activity with social engagement for senior living residents to stay healthy while having fun together.

“Social health is a critical factor when families are considering whether it is best for a loved one to transition into a senior living community or remain at home. Through Rendever’s research, we understand the impact of virtual reality on residents’ social health, and are excited to continue growing our platform to take a more holistic approach to wellbeing,” said Kyle Rand, Cofounder and CEO of Rendever. “By combining healthy physical movement with the overall wellness of increased socialization, RendeverFit will help senior living communities expand their resident care through our fun and dynamic platform. The new RendeverFit™ platform will follow in the footsteps of other award-winning Rendever products, giving communities an arsenal of tools to utilize daily while delivering high quality care.”

At launch, there are three modules within the RendeverFit platform, including Cycle, Paddle, and Paint - which leverages MultiBrush by Rendever, the first available multiplayer version of Tilt Brush that the company released in February.

“VR is proven to naturally get people moving, whether it be looking around in a headset or moving one’s arms to control the experience. RendeverFit is designed to engage residents with safe full-body movement while allowing them to get creative and compete against their neighbors,” said Tom Neumann, Cofounder and CTO of Rendever. “By introducing an element of fun, we’ve heard from staff that residents are motivated and excited to exercise via RendeverFit.”

RendeverFit is Rendever’s first product in the exercise space, but follows other recent developments in the company’s approach to broadening health benefits. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company launched RendeverLive to deliver live programming that includes weekly mindfulness sessions, and has been onboarding outside health and wellness instructors through the platform. Most recently, the company announced a mental health programming partnership with Muse.

"When I witnessed RendeverFit with my community members, I was overwhelmed with the possibilities and tangible applications this platform will provide. The residents and my team were astounded by what the future holds,” said Marcus Kubicheck at Monarch Healthcare Management. “It was a beautiful experience to see the authentic smiles that everyone shared, especially after exercising! RendeverFit  IS the future of long-term care and a shining example of a clinical therapeutic intervention that promotes community health."

RendeverFit will be officially unveiled at the 2021 Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference & Expo in Phoenix, Arizona, September 13 to 15, 2021. Attendees of the conference will be able to demo and experience RendeverFit for the first time by visiting Rendever’s booth (#529) within the Exhibitor Expo. For every mile attendees bike through the Cycle module at Argentum, Rendever will donate to Pedal for Alzheimer’s, helping to find a cure for the devastating disease.

RendeverFit is currently available for pre-order for all senior living communities and healthcare organizations, with system delivery beginning in December 2021.

About Rendever
Rendever is overcoming social isolation through the power of virtual reality and shared experiences. From senior living communities to hospitals, their platform is being used to reduce depression and loneliness by fostering personal connections amongst populations where life has become limited. Participants in group sessions can check off bucket list items together, revisit meaningful places and share stories, stay engaged with family members, and more. Rendever is being used by high-profile senior living operators including Revera, Benchmark, and SRG, healthcare systems such as UCHealth and Cleveland Clinic, has research funded by the NIH and NIA, and has commercial partnerships with major organizations like AARP and Verizon.


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The focus of the developers is one near to their heart. It is a project dedicated to musicians and attempts to solve a major problem for emerging artists. Through Bitsong, musicians will have the opportunity of producing their own songs and listeners will enjoy and hear new content from any device they own. Additionally musicians may also receive donations from fans that could contribute to their next album. Advertisements will be upload by the Advertiser and each time an advertisement is listened to, the artist and the listener will receive 90% of the profits from the Advertiser. BitSong will provide the user with the possibility of using the platform in a number of ways from, free streaming, to requests for donations, payments and the insertion of advertising sponsors.

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OWC to Showcase Innovative Products for Media and Entertainment Industries at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam

OWC | September 12, 2022

OWC®, a leading customer-focused creator of solutions that enable businesses, content professionals, and educators to streamline workflows and maximize their technology investment, today announced why Mac and PC users in the media, entertainment, and technology industries should visit OWC’s booth at IBC 2022. From ingest to archive, from camera to screen, OWC has solutions for every workflow level that enable creative and technology professionals to work faster and easier: OWC Jellyfish R24 The workhorse of the modern video team. This video editing server makes quick work of the most demanding RAW workflows, multicam sequences, and finishing jobs, which means you can say yes to anything thrown your way. There simply is no other rack mounted NAS server that’s better for video teams. OWC Jellyfish Tower A shared storage server for growing video teams. The Jellyfish Tower was built for teams that need to work fast, but don’t have a server room and IT support. Massive bandwidth means smooth playback in hi-res and multicam, and the ability to ingest while editing. OWC Jellyfish Mobile The first Plug and Play video workflow server that comes with a handle. Use it on-the-go or in the office without a switch and server room. Teams of four to six editors can connect directly into one of up to 10 onboard 1GbE or 10GbE ports. By adding a switch, the number of users connected simultaneously is unlimited. OWC ThunderBay Flex 8 World’s first 3-in-1 Thunderbolt storage, docking, and PCIe expansion solution that’s highly Flexible to meet your unique workflow needs. 8 storage bays for nearly every drive type including NVMe U.2. 8 ports for connecting devices and ingesting media. A PCIe slot for adding a project specific card. It’s the ideal productivity platform for content creators, digital imaging, VFX, and video production professionals. OWC Flex 1U4 Similar in Flexibility of use to the desktop Flex 8, but specifically designed for rackmount workflows. Four hot swap bays let you use a variety of drives including U.2. Connect accessories plus charge your notebook and mobile devices with an abundance of Thunderbolt and USB ports. Add another display. Install a PCIe card to expand your capture, recording, networking, or storage capabilities. OWC ThunderBlade A production storage essential around the world because its incredible speed lets you blaze through uncompressed high-bandwidth streams and keeps you ahead of deadline. Cool and silent on the set or in the studio and built for rugged portability, this NVMe SSD delivers real business and creative benefits. OWC Envoy Pro Portable SSDs Tiny, tough, and thrilling fast. The Envoy Pro family of pocket-sized powerhouses are ideal for personal to pro storage needs. With Thunderbolt and USB-C options, this is the fastest, most compatible portable SSD storage line in the universe. OWC Thunderbolt Docks and Hub All the Thunderbolt you’re missing and want! Add more fully functional Thunderbolt ports and connect to past, present, and future Thunderbolt and USB devices. See more with additional displays. From bus-powered portable to 14-port desktop to pro 10GbE AVB-ready models, there’s a connectivity solution to expand your possibilities. OWC Atlas Memory Cards & Readers Launch your creative capabilities into a new world with Atlas SD and CFexpress memory cards. Developed with premium quality technology and processes, you can trust Atlas cards will flawlessly deliver the speed and data integrity you expect. Go from ingest to edit with the portable bus-powered Atlas FXR CFexpress card reader, SD and CFexpress card reader equipped OWC docks, and OWC storage solutions. OWC Mercury Pro LTO This enterprise-class LTO tape backup and archiving solution is a mission-critical requirement for protecting and preserving huge volumes of data for longer periods with better economies of scale than disk-based storage. Ruggedly small with a built-in handle, you can use the Mercury Pro LTO on-set or move it among studio, department, or office computers for a shared data protection solution. Copy That for Mac Streamline the ingest process with lighting fast, verified copies of your files from RED, Blackmagic Design, ARRI cameras, and other storage media. Copy That handles everything from checksum copies to simultaneous transfers to multiple storage solutions. When it is time to move your content from location to backups, editors, producers, and directors, Copy That delivers it fast and accurately. About OWC Other World Computing (OWC), founded in 1988, is committed to supporting and inspiring the imagination of Mac and PC enthusiasts worldwide through sustainable innovation, exemplary customer service, and American design. An entire spectrum of easy and powerful upgrade and expansion possibilities await Memory, External Drives, SSDs, Mac & PC Docking Solutions, Network Attached Storage, and Performance Upgrade Kits. All backed with step-by-step videos and a global support team. Our dedication to excellence and sustainable innovation extends beyond our day-to-day business and into the community. We strive for zero waste, both environmentally and strategically. We have a long-term outlook on everything we do and believe in making a better world. From the home desktop to the enterprise rack, the corporate backup to secure medical data, the recording studio to the motion picture set, and beyond, there should be no compromise, which is why OWC is here. About IBC: As the world’s most inspiring content and technology event, IBC sits at the global crossroads of the media, entertainment and technology industries providing an informative, innovative, and engaging experience. Since 1967, IBC has brought exhibitors, speakers, visitors, and the entire community together to engage, unlock business opportunities, and discover the latest innovations. Always at the forefront of industry innovation, IBC has historically attracted 55,000+ attendees from more than 150 countries.

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Wristcam Now Allows Apple Watches Without Cameras to Video Call With iPhones

Wristcam | September 13, 2022

At last week’s Apple Park event, Apple announced Apple Watch’s most significant upgrade since its 2015 debut. The all-new Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, and SE, and the imminent release of watchOS 9 on September 12 will add fresh tailwinds to growing wearables adoption and the #1 selling Apple Watch​​Apple Watch Ultra x Wristcam The Wristcam camera system for Apple Watch is compatible with all previous and newly announced models. Wristcam elevates the Apple Watch experience, adding the only major features it still lacks: high-definition photography, video capture, and video calling. The Wristcam camera band was inspired by the most extreme activities and has already been put through the paces in the world’s biggest waves. This summer, WSL surf phenom Noah Beschen caught Wristcam footage riding monster waves in Tahiti. “I was towing into a 60-foot Code Red swell and going for the biggest wave of my life,” said pro-surfer Beschen. “I don’t even remember turning on my Wristcam; it was recording, and I pretty much just forgot about it. I caught the wave and was completely present and locked in. It was incredible; I didn’t even think about the Wristcam recording. That’s something special to be able to look back on, and that’s shot on…an Apple Watch.” Apple Watch Ultra’s 2X performance bumps on battery, speaker, mic, brightness, GPS, and water resistance make Wristcam’s go-anywhere, sci-fi-worthy camera experience that much better and more accessible. Wristcam is available for order today, shipping immediately and in time for the first Apple Watch Series 8, Ultra, and SE deliveries later this month. Introducing a New Technological Breakthrough: Video Calling for All Apple Watches Wristcam has worked with Apple’s Developer Relations team to integrate the new CallKit and ShareKit APIs for WatchOS 9, and newly available VoIP frameworks with its own proprietary technology and communication protocols to bring video calling to all Apple Watch users. Now, with the Wristcam App, all WatchOS 9 users can video call on Apple Watch with iPhone and other Apple Watches. No camera band is required, although iPhone users only receive voice unless the Apple Watch on the other side is equipped with a Wristcam camera band. Wristcam’s video calling experience for all Apple Watches is expected to be available on the App Store alongside the public release of watchOS 9 today, September 12th, 2022. “Our partnership with Apple has enabled the ultimate wearable experience - something straight out of science fiction - and now we are bringing a truly transformational capability to an estimated 150 million Apple Watch users across the globe,” -Wristcam Co-Founder and CEO, Ari Roisman. Announcing the Upcoming Launch of Wristcam Protect Later this Fall, Wristcam will release another transformational capability to provide personal safety and protection in stressful and dangerous situations. The new feature will leverage Wristcam’s video streaming technology to empower users to securely capture and rapidly connect with close contacts when they need it most. Protect will leverage Apple Watch complications and Siri Shortcuts to make camera capture and sharing more accessible than ever before. About Wristcam Wristcam powers computer vision for wearables and IoT devices, beginning with the first and only camera system for Apple Watch. In 2021, Wristcam was named as one of TIME’s 100 Best Inventions and Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas. Wristcam is certified by Apple as Made for Apple Watch, and is compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 and up. To learn more, visit

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Embed Changes the Game with STATS Data Platform Powered by AWS

Embed | November 04, 2022

Embed, the ultimate cashless solutions provider for the amusement, entertainment, and leisure industries, is launching the new technology insights data visualization dashboard, STATS, at the IAAPA Expo Orlando from November 15 to 18. Developed with and powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), this solution helps family entertainment centers worldwide transform guest experiences using data. In its commitment to technology innovation, Embed has been launching industry-firsts for more than 20 years to enable, empower, and ease the business of fun. For example, its Mobile Wallet virtual game card launched in 2019 remains the only non-banking, non-finance, and non-loyalty brand to sit in customers' Apple Wallet or Google Pay. "We are on a continuous pursuit to develop tech solutions that will propel businesses to become the FECs of the future. In line with this goal, we worked with the world's most comprehensive and adopted cloud provider Amazon Web Services to leverage the power of cloud technology to create a software solution that will transform FECs' operations, revenue landscape, and consumer journey, Research shows that staff who are assigned data analytics work spend 90% of the work week on nitty-gritty data-related tasks – and this does not include the analysis required to gain actual insights that drive business decisions. The STATS dashboard is our commitment to being part of the solution. Developing this highly automated data visualization dashboard with flexible widgets will help eliminate the counterproductive data work that operators struggle with." -Renee Welsh, CEO at Embed This year, Embed is introducing its Tech of Transformation – a new line of innovative, integrated hardware and software solutions developed with technology industry leaders to transform the FEC industry. The key innovation is STATS, which makes business insights work harder for operators, providing data from venues, including a range of revenue data and a revenue forecasting widget, and that's just the start, which helps operators identify more successful games and forecast revenue to future-proof their business. This Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is a response to ever-growing challenges that traditional FEC operators face as the industry digitizes. With STATS, operators of all business sizes can best manage their business, improve staffing levels and scheduling, and reduce manpower waste. The STATS insights platform leverages AWS to build user-friendly, customizable dashboards that visually present data, such as arcade game performance, guest activity, and revenue forecasting to make understanding the deep insights of an operation easy and engaging. This also helps FECs better understand guests' behavior and improve the guest experience. Built with AWS's global cloud infrastructure, this cloud-based solution offers accessibility, security, and low latency. A lot of businesses find data analysis daunting. Operators need data collated and analyzed instantly to make informed business decisions immediately. STATS was designed specifically to produce customizable, tailor-fit, real-time reports in a snackable, easy-to-access format according to specific business needs – minus the tech intimidation and data overload, Renee Welsh. "Given that FECs come in single or multiple locations, we worked closely with both small-medium and large FEC customers to understand their needs and deliver the deep visualized data insights operators wanted from their Embed system. We combed through their data, and created sets that will suit the needs of any organization. Out of these efforts, demos, and trials came a dashboard so flexible and versatile that it doesn't matter what size of FEC is using it – everyone can benefit from STATS to maximize their business." -Andy Welsh, CTO at Embed. Embed's current data reports solution REPORTS, an analytics platform, allows operators to access 150 different analytics reports that provide insights into information like game popularity, game revenue, and game profit. "STATS is a step towards more in-depth, dynamic visualized data reporting. Our customers who use this rely on STATS REPORTS to address challenges with inventory management, loss prevention, and revenue management," explains Renee Welsh. As the traditional FEC industry model digitizes, venue operators can use cloud technology to extract and analyze insights to arrive at data-driven business decisions, and enhance customer outcomes, while focusing on growing their business. We are excited to work with Embed to help the family entertainment industry go digital with AWS. We look forward to continuing to support Embed on their innovation and growth ambitions," says Joel Garcia, ASEAN Head of Technology, Amazon Web Services. STATS Savvy, Simple, and in a Snap Get smart, near-real-time reports in a state-of-the-art viewer that you can access easily – data anytime, anywhere, across single or multiple business locations, attractions, and various consumer touchpoints. Track and Yield Find business strength in numbers. Track game and guest activities and get deep insights on: Games performance and revenue Guest activity, average dwell time, and spending habits Manpower management Inventory management A Cloud for Your Judgment Make data-driven business decisions stat! Keep reports handy and secure with this cloud-based solution, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) QuickSight. Tactical Planning With its intuitive analysis, use STATS for reports on operational planning and forecasting game revenue and sales based on retro data. Learn more about the business as it grows. Stacks on Stacks: Increase profitability as STATS gives a free hand to customize a business dashboard with interactive widgets called STACKS. This way, data becomes bite-sized and easy-to-interpret to identify key revenue management areas with tangible ROI. Additional Embed Innovations: eShop & Staff Merchandise, Joining STATS in Embed's Tech of Transformation roster are two new innovations that will ease operations: eShop is an online shopping portal where Embed customers can conveniently purchase hardware, parts, and accessories anytime, anywhere in just a few clicks. The only one of its kind against competitors, this one-stop shop features 24/7 service to enable customers to customize and maximize their existing Embed solutions, as needed, with brackets, adapters, server parts, scanners, and even product kits and bundles. As a response to an issue FECs are facing on missing staff passes and essentials, Embed is also introducing Staff Merchandise, a series of customizable wristbands, key fobs, and lanyards to match an FEC's theme - giving the manpower a makeover with a consistent look that stands out. Visit booth #1331 of IAAPA Expo Orlando and catch free demos of these latest releases from the Embed Mavericks, along with the rest of the breakthrough innovations like the KIOSK+, the award-winning Mobile Wallet, the integrated cloud-based software solution TOOLKIT, the smartTOUCH arcade debit game card reader, and a full range of wearables and game cards from Embed's famous Bling Bar! Participants are also invited to daily Happy Hour sessions from 12 PM to 4 PM. About Embed: Embed is the worldwide leader of the cashless business management systems and solutions for the amusement, entertainment, and leisure industries. Designed to deliver a superior guest experience, the platform is a complete integrated cashless solution for business owners to maximize revenue and operational efficiency while reducing costs. With Embed's platform, a business (single or multi-location) has real-time visibility and control across its entire operation: from guest party-planning and bookings via mobile to integrated point-of-sales, including bundles and upsell packages, a full range of games management, real-time prize inventory, game card kiosks, and more - all integrated and accessible via mobile. With over 1,000 customers and more than 3,000 installations around the world, Embed is equipped and ready to empower Family Entertainment (FEC) businesses with direct sales, services and support anytime, anywhere.

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