TELUS PureFibre Ultimate Gamer bundle brings users an unmatched cloud gaming experience

TELUS | July 27, 2022 | Read time : 03:09 min

TELUS PureFibre Ultimate Gamer
gamers across B.C. and Alberta can sign-up for the TELUS PureFibre Ultimate Gamer bundle with NVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud gaming service. TELUS offers the best networks for gaming, bringing customers the fastest Internet speeds available with the lowest latency and jitter. Gamers will have access to TELUS’ latest generation Wi-Fi 6 and personalized Wi-Fi Plus service, which offers professional installation, whole-home Wi-Fi coverage1, network security, and a dedicated support team. In addition to experiencing the fastest Internet speeds among all Canadian Internet providers2, customers get two years of NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW Priority membership where they can access more than 1,300 top PC games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, Dying Light 2, Cyberpunk 2077, and Rocket League.

“Backed by TELUS’ world-leading PureFibre network, its symmetrical upload and download speeds, and our latest-gen Wi-Fi-6 and Wi-Fi Plus services, users experience low latency and a seamless online gaming experience, unmatched by any other provider, Now, through our collaboration with NVIDIA, we’re taking this experience even further, bringing Canadians the best in cloud gaming where they can connect to like-minded communities and thrive in gaming online.”

-Amit Nag, Vice-president, Entertainment and Education Services.

GeForce NOW is NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service that taps into the world’s most powerful GeForce servers. Playing PC games with a GeForce NOW Priority membership provides priority access to servers, six-hour extended gaming sessions, and RTX ON in supported titles for the best cinematic visuals. Even gamers on low-powered hardware can now play with amazing GeForce quality.

“Pairing GeForce NOW with TELUS’s world-leading communications technology will deliver a high-quality streaming experience to millions of Canadian customers, As part of this Gamer Internet plan, gamers on the TELUS network can now enjoy more than 1,300 PC games – including more than 120 of the most popular free-to-play games — streamed to nearly any of their devices with GeForce quality.”

-Phil Eisler, Vice President, GeForce NOW at NVIDIA

Members can download the GeForce NOW app on PC, Mac, SHIELD TV, newly added 2022 Samsung TVs, select LG TVs, and Android mobile devices, or visit on select platforms, including mobile devices with iOS Safari. Gamers will be able to streamline gaming subscriptions through the GeForce NOW app, and play their favorite PC titles already purchased from popular digital stores like Steam, Epic Games Store, Origin, Ubisoft Connect and GOG.COM. GeForce NOW members can also experience games with and against millions of other PC players.

The PureFibre Ultimate Gamer Internet bundle starts at $120 per month for the first two years. For more information and to sign up, visit

TELUS (TSX: T, NYSE: TU) is a dynamic, world-leading communications technology company with $17 billion in annual revenue and 17 million customer connections spanning wireless, data, IP, voice, television, entertainment, video, and security. Our social purpose is to leverage our global-leading technology and compassion to drive social change and enable remarkable human outcomes. Our longstanding commitment to putting our customers first fuels every aspect of our business, making us a distinct leader in customer service excellence and loyalty. The numerous, sustained accolades TELUS has earned over the years from independent, industry-leading network insight firms showcase the strength and speed of TELUS’ global-leading networks, reinforcing our commitment to provide Canadians with access to superior technology that connects us to the people, resources and information that make our lives better.

TELUS Health is Canada’s leader in digital health technology, improving access to health and wellness services and revolutionizing the flow of health information across the continuum of care. TELUS Agriculture provides innovative digital solutions throughout the agriculture value chain, supporting better food outcomes from improved agri-business data insights and processes. TELUS International (TSX and NYSE: TIXT) is a leading digital customer experience innovator that designs, builds, and delivers next-generation solutions, including AI and content management, for global and disruptive brands across high-growth industry verticals, including tech and games, communications and media, ecommerce and FinTech, healthcare, and travel and hospitality. TELUS and TELUS International operate in 25+ countries around the world.

Driven by our determination and vision to connect all citizens for good, our deeply meaningful and enduring philosophy to give where we live has inspired TELUS, our team members and retirees to contribute more than $900 million and 1.8 million days of service since 2000. This unprecedented generosity and unparalleled volunteerism have made TELUS the most giving company in the world. Together, let’s make the future friendly.

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The rise of mobile technology has formed a perfect foundation for the mobile gaming industry’s success. A person can now fit a video game in their pocket and take it with them anywhere. Specific advancements like unlimited data plans, faster processing speeds, and higher quality graphics have also set the stage for more engaging gameplay than previously possible. The success of the mobile gaming industry has not only attracted new audiences but also the attention of new game franchises.


The rise of mobile technology has formed a perfect foundation for the mobile gaming industry’s success. A person can now fit a video game in their pocket and take it with them anywhere. Specific advancements like unlimited data plans, faster processing speeds, and higher quality graphics have also set the stage for more engaging gameplay than previously possible. The success of the mobile gaming industry has not only attracted new audiences but also the attention of new game franchises.

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: SWKS) announced that the company has engaged with MediaTek to offer a complete modem-to-antenna automotive-grade 5G solution. This 5G New Radio Sky5A RF front-end solution will accelerate the deployment of this cutting-edge protocol across an array of automotive OEM and consumer service offerings.“The rollout of 5G is reshaping the automotive market with a variety of safety and entertainment telematics applications to improve the driving experience,” said Martin Lin, deputy general manager of the Wireless Communications Business Unit at MediaTek. “Through this collaboration with Skyworks, MediaTek is providing OEMs and automotive customers a complete solution that offers high performance, reliability and flexibility to meet the growing demands for bandwidth and advanced connectivity in next-generation vehicles.” As automotive OEMs create entirely new vehicle platforms with cutting-edge processing and sensing capabilities to support advancements in electric vehicle (EV) technology, driver-assistance systems (ADAS), and artificial intelligence, they are looking for solutions that can support the expanded data and connectivity demands of these next-generation innovations. “This strategic initiative allows Skyworks and MediaTek to address the stringent requirements of the global automotive industry, Our combined engineering expertise enables our customers to innovate new vehicle communication architectures, with the confidence that their designs will continue to meet future bandwidth needs and the rapid evolution of global wireless networks.” -John O’Neill, vice president of marketing at Skyworks. The 5G NR Sky5A RF front-end complete solution was designed for automotive applications, supporting 3GPP R15 and R16 standards, bandwidth exceeding 100MHz, flexible antenna architectures, regional optimization, aux ports to support the addition of future bands, and full automotive grade reliability qualification. Skyworks will be exhibiting at Electronica Stand B5-138, taking place in Munich from Nov. 15-18, 2022, where the company will be highlighting its latest infrastructure, IoT, automotive, timing and power solutions. About Skyworks Skyworks Solutions, Inc. is empowering the wireless networking revolution. Our highly innovative analog and mixed signal semiconductors are connecting people, places and things spanning a number of new and previously unimagined applications within the aerospace, automotive, broadband, cellular infrastructure, connected home, defense, entertainment and gaming, industrial, medical, smartphone, tablet and wearable markets. Skyworks is a global company with engineering, marketing, operations, sales and support facilities located throughout Asia, Europe and North America and is a member of the S&P 500® and Nasdaq-100® market indices (Nasdaq: SWKS). For more information, please visit Skyworks’ website at:

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Cosm Acquires C360, an Immersive Video Production Company

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On January 10, 2023, Cosm, a significant immersive media and technology producer, acquired C360 judiciously to power immersive experiences. C360, established in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), delivers immersive video solutions to major broadcasters, digital partners, sports media firms, leagues, and multiple government agencies and initiatives. Cosm was the lead investor in C360 in early 2022 when the company effectively raised funding to broaden its capabilities with major leagues, teams, and broadcasters and activate its technology in arenas, stadiums, and significant sporting events worldwide. Since Cosm's investment, the two companies have discovered more growth potential with broadcast and league partners and will continue to leverage related technological resources. Jeb Terry, CEO and President at Cosm, said, "We invested in C360 last year to fuel its growth and, over the past twelve months, recognized the incredible opportunity for us to go further, together." He further added, “We have validated Cosm's best-in-class tech stack with our history of innovation, recent R&D developments, and well-defined roadmap. Now, with C360 as part of our team, our capabilities become even more formidable in the immersive and linear production space. This acquisition reinforces our commitment to our broadcast partners and the value-add approach we take to deal making. It is a testament to our aligned visions of redefining the way the world experiences content and bridging the gap between the experience economy and immersive technologies." Source: PRNewswire C360's software and technology will add complementary elements to Cosm's sequential offering by capturing content in-house for its completely immersive venues, including its recently announced venues in Los Angeles as well as Dallas, and clients and partners in sports, entertainment, science and education, parks and attractions, and other industries. About Cosm Cosm is a multinational technology company that creates end-to-end immersive experience solutions. It is transforming the way the world consumes content. With 75 years of experience, the enterprise delivers the world's most immersive experiences with unique technology and state-of-the-art venues that flawlessly blend virtual and physical realities, redefining the realm of possibility. The company offers a full-stack experience solution, which involves physical design, engineering, and manufacturing, in addition to the software, display engine, and content requirements for delivering immersive experiences at scale. Its technology allows people to enjoy entertainment in innovative ways in three primary markets, i.e., sports and entertainment, science and education, and parks and attractions.

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Comcast Debuts Xfinity Large Button Voice Remote, an Innovative New Product Created for People With Disabilities

Comcast | November 17, 2022

Comcast launched the industry’s first Large Button Voice Remote, a groundbreaking innovation designed for users with mobility, dexterity, or vision impairments. This powerful device, which is available to X1 and Flex customers at no additional cost, combines Comcast’s award-winning voice control technology with industry-first advancements in accessible hardware design, inclusive packaging, and customer experience. The result is a hardware breakthrough that allows all viewers to easily navigate and enjoy all the entertainment, news, and information Xfinity has to offer "For more than 60 years, Comcast has pioneered advancements in entertainment and connectivity and delivered industry-shaping experiences to customers, Our long-standing commitment to accessibility has unlocked profound innovation across our portfolio time and time again - shaping everything we do from the way we design our products, to the content we create, to the experiences we deliver. Inclusive design, for us, is just better design.” -Fraser Stirling, Global Chief Product Officer at Comcast The Most Accessible Remote to Date Innovation is powered by a deep understanding of consumer preferences and needs. That’s why Comcast’s design team worked side-by-side with the disability community to test and refine the creation of its new Large Button Voice Remote. Accessibility features and functionality were the top priorities throughout the remote’s development. The result of a rigorous research and design process is a one-of-a-kind remote unlike anything available on the market today—one that combines high functionality with elegant design to offer something for everyone to love. New Horizon’s, Inc., an organization that provides housing and support services for people with physical disabilities participated in the research and testing. Carol Fitzgerald, CEO of New Horizon’s says, “Technology can help level the playing field for people with disabilities. When companies like Comcast design products and experiences with accessibility at the forefront, they not only create better products for everyone, but they also help to unlock more independence for millions of people with disabilities. We’re very proud to have been part of the creation of the Large Button Voice Remote which is truly a game-changing innovation.” Features and Functionality That Enhance Accessibility The collaboration behind Comcast’s new Large Button Voice Remote helped create a world-class experience, from end to end, for people with vision, mobility, and dexterity impairments. Easy Navigation At the heart of the remote is Comcast’s award-winning voice control technology. Users can find what they want—and find it faster—using voice commands to change channels, search for shows, get recommendations, and more. The remote also includes a prominent accessibility shortcut button that offers quick, easy connection to personalized X1 and Flex accessibility settings. With this button, users can enable popular accessibility features like Comcast’s Talking Guide, closed captions, large text capabilities, audio description, and more, to suit their needs. Enhanced Visuals Locating and navigating the Large Button Voice Remote is easier than ever, thanks to its large backlit buttons and high contrast colors. Plus, the increased font size on all the remote’s buttons improves readability. Precision Features In addition to its enhanced functionality, the Large Button Voice Remote’s physical design provides remarkable ease of use. A removable wrist strap allows for more precise handling and control. An innovative battery compartment features a rubber pull tab design and “press to slide” battery cover making it easier to change batteries. An elevated, flat-back design allows for increased stability when the remote is used on a flat surface like a wheelchair tray or with other assistive devices. Accessible Set-Up The inclusive packaging for the Large Button Voice Remote uses large typography and tactile features, including braille and an embossed arrow near the package’s opening, to orient users who are visually impaired. The remote comes with an audio guide that automatically begins playing step-by-step instructions upon opening—an industry-first that allows users to pair the remote to their television in less than a minute. The remote also uses haptic vibrations to create a multi-sensory experience that alerts users when pairing is complete. Leveraging Comcast’s Global Technology Platform to Improve Accessibility The new Large Button Voice Remote leverages voice search technology within Comcast’s global technology platform, enabling customers to easily navigate the interface and discover programming across hundreds of networks and streaming services with just the sound of their voice. Processing more than 40 million commands a day in 5 different languages, Comcast’s global technology platform powers one of the largest and best voice engines for content discovery available anywhere. Combined with the work Comcast announced earlier this year to integrate accessibility features into its next-generation platform architecture, the remote further embeds inclusive design into the ethos of the company, empowering its global teams and the broader development community to create better, more innovative experiences for everyone. Available at No Additional Cost X1 and Flex customers can request a remote, at no additional charge, through Comcast’s Accessibility Support Center, which was one of the nation’s first call centers specifically created to support customers with disabilities. Comcast’s Accessibility Support Center is now home to more than 140 agents specially trained on Comcast products and services, support for third-party assistive devices, and information related to Braille or large print bills. Comcast also offers support in American Sign Language—the fourth most-used language in the United States—through a partnership with Connect Direct, a subsidiary of Communication Service for the Deaf. The Xfinity Large Button Voice Remote is another example of Comcast’s longstanding commitment to accessibility. From unveiling the nation’s first Talking Guide back in 2013, to the recent expansion of the Xfinity Web Adaptive Remote, which was named a “Best Inventions of 2019” by Time Magazine, these groundbreaking technological innovations continue to unlock more equitable access to entertainment, news, and information for people with disabilities. Comcast is proud to have been recently recognized as a “Leading Disability Employer” by the National Organization on Disability for the 7th year in a row and a Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion” by Disability:IN and AAPD for an 8th consecutive year in 2022.

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