The Thrill of Adventure Comes to Curiosity Stream This Spring and Summer With Brand-Defining Originals

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Curiosity Inc, a leading global factual media and entertainment company, is announcing its 2023 spring and summer slate of original films, series, and specials coming to its flagship streaming service, Curiosity Stream. High-octane adventures showcase compelling stories from the real cowboys of the American West and an Egyptian queen who crushed a powerful priesthood, to the prehistoric behemoths of the African Savannah and history’s most intriguing – and unsolved – crimes.

Every thriller needs a ticking clock, and there’s none more compelling than the melting of the world’s cryosphere. Premiering April 20th, the Curiosity original series Lift The Ice follows six field-leading experts as they climb, dive, rappel, ice axe, and tunnel their way to the heart of a rapidly-evolving global warming story. This 6-part adventure explores one of the greatest mysteries on Earth today -- what will be revealed when we lift the ice?

The 5-part original natural history series GIANTS takes humanity’s obsession with size into the animal kingdom. Premiering May 18th, wildlife filmmaker Dan O’Neill leads an adventurous team around the globe to find the biggest beasts that walk our planet and unlock their evolutionary secrets like never before. Watch the GIANTS trailer here.

And this summer, Grammy Award-winning musician and bard Dom Flemons takes us on a riveting ride through the history of early America in The Real Wild West. Beyond the gunslingers and lawmen, meet the diverse pioneers -- black and Hispanic cowboys, female homesteaders, immigrants, and tribal leaders -- who shaped a country.

Curiosity Stream’s original films, series, and specials coming soon:

Lift The Ice

We’ve long suspected that the frozen parts of our planet are hiding life-changing scientific discoveries, historical mysteries, rare viruses, and possibly even the key to the search for alien life. Follow a team of fearless scientists and explorers on a journey to the end of the Earth, as they make ground-breaking discoveries and solve scientific puzzles that could radically reshape the future of humanity. A 6-part series produced by Beach House Productions and Curiosity Studios.


GIANTS combines the latest science and cutting-edge CGI to connect the dots among the behemoths that roam our natural world, both past and present, and to explore how to protect their habitats for the future. Filmmaker Dan O’Neill leads a team of field biologists, bioengineers, and animal behaviorists to explore how these formidable creatures managed to achieve such massive proportions and what processes drive such extremes of nature. A 5-part series produced by Off the Fence and Curiosity Studios.

Queens Of Ancient Egypt

Cleopatra is the most famous of all the ancient queens, but history is revealing extraordinary new details about the other matriarchs who presided over the birth of ancient Egypt. These are the incredible, untold stories of Egypt’s female monarchs, many of whose names and stories are all but forgotten… until now. Drawing on fascinating new discoveries and cutting-edge research, explore how these women became standard bearers for their sex long before the modern era. A 3-part series produced by Tile Films and Curiosity Studios.

Unearthed: Ancient Murder Mysteries

Homicide detective Rod Demery and famed scientist Professor Turi King team up to investigate history’s most intriguing murders using modern investigation techniques. Demery visits crime scenes and interviews archaeologist witnesses, while King, best known for leading the DNA verification of Richard III of England, examines the latest forensic evidence. Unearthing a list of suspects for each murder, Demery and King use their extensive experience to predict the killer’s identity. A 6-part series produced by Off the Fence and Curiosity Studios.

The Real Wild West

The famed wild west – where outlaws rampage and lawmen become legends – is a great story. Cowboys and native Americans are eternal archetypes, but the real history of the American West is filled with rich tales of diverse pioneers, unprecedented opportunity, ambition, fortune, and technological marvels that change the country and the world. This is the definitive story of the American West. A 4-part series produced by Roller Coaster Road Productions and Curiosity Studios.

Zombie Fungus Attack

The next breath you take is loaded with fungi spores. While most are not harmful, it’s time for viruses to step aside and give fungal infections the attention they require. Dive into the world of dangerous fungi that are a threat to humans and get an in depth look at the war between ants and fungi. Produced by Curiosity Studios.

Normandy: Land of Warriors

From the Viking invasions to William the Conqueror to the great sieges of Richard the Lionheart, the history of Normandy is an incredible military epic spanning more than 300 years. Take a deep dive into the great armed conflicts that made the Normans one of the world’s most powerful dynasties. A 3-part series produced by ZED Studios and Curiosity Studios.

History: The Interesting Bits

Factual really can be funny! Take an irreverent look at some of history’s biggest happenings through some of its fruitiest facts. History: The Interesting Bits rambles across centuries, making connections, checking out the weird people and strange events – and most importantly -- editing out the boring stuff -- to explore the mad, epic, salacious, and frankly unbelievable parts of our past that don’t always make it into the history books. An 8-part series produced by Impossible Factual and Curiosity Studios.

Nature’s Hidden Miracles

Humans may think they are the smartest, most evolved lifeforms on the planet. But science says… not so. Explore the natural world through the latest cutting-edge science as it leads us deeper into the workings of evolution, going far beyond what we thought we knew. From the lush greenery that covers our planet to the microorganisms invisible to the naked eye, be prepared to experience our world in a brand-new light. A 3-part series produced by NHK and Curiosity Studios.

Breakthrough: Jupiter’s Moons and the Search for Life

We’ve known about them for centuries and have been photographing them for decades, but now a new pair of missions will be launching to bring us closer than ever to Jupiter’s icy moons: Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede. Will the missions finally find the answer to astronomy’s biggest question… do the conditions for life exist beyond Earth? Produced by Curiosity Studios.

About Curiosity

Curiosity Inc is the entertainment brand for people who want to know more. The global media company is home to award-winning original and curated factual films, shows, and series covering science, nature, history, technology, society, and lifestyle. With approximately 23 million paying subscribers worldwide and thousands of titles, the company operates the flagship Curiosity Stream SVOD service, available in more than 175 countries; Curiosity Channel, the linear television channel available via global distribution partners; Curiosity Now, a free, ad-supported channel; Curiosity Audio Network, featuring original content and podcasts; and Curiosity Studios, which oversees original programming. Curiosity Inc. also owns and operates One Day University, which provides access to engaging talks and lectures from leading university and college professors. Curiosity Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of CuriosityStream Inc. (Nasdaq: CURI).



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ASM Global Unveils Ambitious Plan Transforming Its Global Venue Portfolio Into World’s Most Sustainable Collection

businesswire | March 28, 2023

ASM Global, through its corporate social responsibility platform, ASM Global Acts, and in partnership with Honeycomb Strategies, has announced a dramatic plan the most aggressive in the live entertainment industry to convert its portfolio into the most sustainable venues on Earth. Beginning this year ASM Global will dedicate its full resources to achieving measurable results throughout its businesses using the most comprehensive tracking system in the venue space intended to reflect that scale and create substantial collective impact on every continent it operates. The company working with its client partners already boasts the largest collection of certified green venues with over 40 and growing throughout the portfolio. In making the announcement, ASM Global President and CEO Ron Bension said, “Our current portfolio of LEED-certified venues has set the standard, and we’re now raising the bar even higher. “This entire program will be integrated into all of the relationships with our existing and future clients as part of our intrinsic ASM Global DNA. “As we stated when we first partnered with Honeycomb Strategies last summer, demand from our established and newer clients for state-of-the-art sustainability innovations has been consistently increasing. We are now in a position to work with them and lead the industry in this incredibly important space.” ASM Global has committed to the following for all its venues: Reduce energy consumption by 25% by 2030 from baseline year (2023). Achieve 20% of all energy consumed through renewable energy sources by 2025. Carbon neutral by 2050. Divert over 50% of waste overall by 2025. Eliminate single-use plastic in front of house by 2025. Reduce water consumption by 25% by 2030 from baseline year (2023). Award 50% of its reportable spend to suppliers adhering to its environmental purchasing policy by 2030. Increase plant-based menu options by 35% by 2024 within Savor (ASM Global’s food division) venues. Decrease food waste by 75% by 2026 within Savor venues. Lindsay Arell, one of Honeycomb Strategies’ two principals, said, “The project has already begun. We’ve selected a group of pilot venues across size, type and continents that have begun reporting against the goals. The aim is to add additional venues at a fast pace to obtain important baseline information for 2023.” “For almost 20 years, the Colorado Convention Center has been a leader on the live event sustainability front,” said John Adams, general manager of the Colorado Convention Center. “We are excited to be a pilot venue for this project as ASM Global expands this commitment to all of its venues worldwide.” ASM Global has partnered with WeTrack, a SaaS company that provides planning, sustainability goals and operations solutions to some of the world’s biggest sports and entertainment brands including FIFA, IOC, Wimbledon, World Triathlon and many others. The WeTrack system has been developed to help customers track progress on sustainability, ESG and CSR initiatives. ASM Global venue ambassadors will each have a system set up for them with common indicators that ASM Global wants to track along with venue goals specific to the community in which they operate. Honeycomb Strategies’ recent major sustainability programs and projects include the Colorado Convention Center, Moscone Center, Philadelphia Eagles, SoFi Stadium, Minnesota Vikings, Barclays Center, Visit Denver, Greenbuild Conference and Expo, Natural Products Expo, and Sustainable Brands. About ASM Global ASM Global is the world’s leading producer of entertainment experiences. It is the global leader in venue and event strategy and management delivering locally tailored solutions and cutting-edge technologies to achieve maximum results for venue owners. The company’s elite venue network spans five continents with a portfolio of more than 350 of the world’s most prestigious arenas, stadiums, convention and exhibition centers, and performing arts venues.

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Wildbrain Announces Agreement To Acquire House Of Cool, A Leader In Pre-Production Capabilities For Premium Animated Series And Movies

WildBrain | April 03, 2023

WildBrain Ltd., a global leader in kids' and family entertainment, has signed an agreement to acquire House of Cool, one of the top pre-production companies in the global animation industry. A strategic extension of WildBrain's focus on creative excellence, the acquisition significantly expands and enhances the Company's pre-production capabilities for premium animated series, specials and features. Under the agreement, WildBrain will acquire full ownership of House of Cool. Closing consideration for the acquisition will consist of $15.5 million, with $10.25 million through the issuance of 4,479,406 WildBrain shares (the "Share Consideration") and $5.25 million in cash (less any debt existing on closing and subject to customary working capital adjustments and holdbacks). Additionally, there is an earn-out of up to $6 million based on collection of tax credits earned up to closing. Toronto-based House of Cool is a highly regarded industry leader in pre-production, an essential early planning stage in the life of a feature or series during which the story is developed and creative choices are made to establish the look, feel, style and pacing of a project, creating the blueprint for the launch of full production. Bringing their deep experience and creative expertise, House of Cool executives and co-founders, Wes Lui and Ricardo Curtis, will be joining the WildBrain Studios senior management team in the newly created roles of Co-General Managers of House of Cool, reporting to Josh Scherba, President of WildBrain, who heads up the Company's content and studio business. Josh Scherba stated: "This acquisition is an investment in creative excellence. House of Cool is recognized as one of the very best pre-production companies in the global animation industry. We're delighted to welcome Wes, Ricardo and their team on board at WildBrain, a combination of talent that will immediately broaden and deepen our collective creative strengths. Their expertise is highly complementary to our existing business, expanding and enhancing our pre-production capabilities, not only for WildBrain's proprietary content but also for third-party projects. The acquisition also establishes a new entry point for IP owners to engage with WildBrain's 360-degree offering across production, distribution and consumer products licensing." Wes Lui said: "House of Cool's mission is simple: bring audiences together through the artful telling of unique stories. WildBrain shares our enthusiasm for storytelling, and from the moment they first approached us, we were ecstatic about combining forces and leveraging their 360-degree approach and our expertise in story and preproduction to develop, produce and distribute premium content. We will also further be able to offer more top-level creative services for all our clients." Ricardo Curtis added: "As a fiercely independent operator for the last two decades, it would require something special for House of Cool to join another studio. WildBrain is that special. WildBrain has industry-leading expertise in production, distribution and licensing, and its reach on multiple platforms greatly expands our ability and scope to connect with audiences. Mixed with their deep catalogue of properties—many I grew up with—hitching House of Cool's wagon to WildBrain allows us to collaborate in previously unavailable ways on the premium content we are known for." Collaborating closely with WildBrain's award-winning animation studio in Vancouver, House of Cool will maintain operations at its Toronto facility, where their team of pre-production experts will be joining the Company. Adding House of Cool more than doubles WildBrain's pre-production capacity, building on its existing pre-production team of approximately 80 based in Vancouver. The House of Cool brand, which is widely recognized and respected in the animation industry, will be maintained as a distinct identity under the WildBrain banner. Founded in 2004, House of Cool has worked with top studios, platforms and IP owners across the industry on some of today's most recognizable animated features and series for kids and families as well as other demographics. They have worked on over 20 theatrical films, which have grossed over US $6.23 billion of box office receipts, providing a variety of pre-production services, including storyboarding; conceptual and visual development; character, environment and prop design; and the creation of animatic test videos. Notable past feature projects include Despicable Me for Illumination; The Angry Birds franchise for Rovio and Sony Pictures Animation; and The Peanuts Movie, Ferdinand, and the Ice Age and Rio franchises for 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios. Notable series include What if…? for Marvel Studios; Gravity Falls for Disney; Maya and the Three, The Magician's Elephant, Trollhunters, and Dragons: Race to the Edge for Dreamworks and Netflix; and Pretzel and the Puppies for HarperCollins Productions and Apple TV+. About WildBrain At WildBrain we inspire imaginations to run wild, engaging kids and families everywhere with great content and beloved brands. With approximately 13,000 half-hours of filmed entertainment in our library—one of the world's most extensive—we are home to such treasured franchises as Peanuts, Teletubbies, Strawberry Shortcake, Yo Gabba Gabba!, Caillou, Inspector Gadget and Degrassi. Our integrated, in-house capabilities spanning production, distribution and licensing set us apart as a unique independent player in the industry, managing IP across its entire lifecycle, from concept to content to consumer products. At our state-of-the-art animation studio in Vancouver, we produce award-winning, fan-favourite series, such as The Snoopy Show; Snoopy in Space; Sonic Prime; Chip and Potato; Strawberry Shortcake: Berry in the Big City; Carmen Sandiego; Go, Dog. Go! and many more. Enjoyed in more than 150 countries and on over 500 streaming platforms and telecasters, our content is everywhere kids and families view entertainment. WildBrain Spark, our AVOD network, has garnered over one trillion minutes of watch time on YouTube, offering one of the largest selections of kids' content on that platform. Our leading consumer-products and location-based entertainment agency, WildBrain CPLG, represents our owned and partner properties in every major territory worldwide. Our television group owns and operates some of Canada's most-viewed family entertainment channels.

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FitXR Partners Carolina Panthers' Xavier Woods for Social Giveaway

FitXR | March 06, 2023

FitXR, a virtual reality fitness application, has recently announced a social giveaway partnership with Carolina Panthers' safety, Xavier Woods, for the Super Bowl weekend. With the idea of making off-season fitness fun in the form of games, Xavier Woods posted his VR fitness skills on Instagram, supporting FitXR. Fitness can be fun, but only some understand this in reality. The physical exercise routine in the gym can be stressful and tiresome, and one can easily get distracted from the fitness goals. In this situation, a virtual reality platform can inspire and gamify the whole experience. Xavier Woods is an American football safety for the Carolina Panthers team in the National Football League (NFL). He understands the importance of the VR and uses FitXR to maintain his health and fitness for the season ahead. To spread awareness, he announced a giveaway on the Instagram platform on February 11, 2023. The giveaway includes Signed jersey and football Meta Quest 2 VR headset 12 months' subscription to FitXR FitXR integrates immersive virtual reality with fitness experts' recommended complete body workouts for enhanced customer experience. It offers classes in five distinct workout studios, Box, Dance, HIIT, Sculpt and Combat. It is making fitness engaging and accessible to everyone. In addition, it gives a multiplayer experience with new classes, environments and music. Carolina Panters' Safety, Xavier Woods said, "FitXR is a great way to make fitness fun, unique and effective for everyone in the household." He added, "Even my mother and grandmother enjoy using FitXR!" (Source – Business Wire) About FitXR Headquartered in London, England, FitXR, a wellness and fitness services provider, has offered solutions for virtual reality, fitness content, and gaming since 2016. Its fitness technology gives the best experience of VR and MR. With large-scale fund support, it strives for a healthier world for everyone. It is s most-downloaded application on the Meta Quest store. The companies like Maveron, Hiro, BoostVC and TriplePoint invest in it for innovation and mass encouragement for fitness. With a remote team from the US, UK, and Spain, it is transforming the ways of the fitness industry. Forbes, Empire, T3, Washington Post, Men's Health, and GQ platforms featured it. It ranked 6th in The Information's 50 Most Promising Startups in 2022.

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