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Xperi Takes Its Independent Media Platform from the Living Room to the Car

businesswire | June 01, 2023 | Read time : 02:11 min


Xperi Inc. announced that BMW has selected TiVo’s video media platform to provide customers access to a growing number of video content providers, including linear and on demand streaming services. BMW’s implementation of the Powered by TiVo™ platform will include a variety of country-specific content, offering news, movies and access to media libraries. The video media platform is expected to roll out over-the-air in initial launch countries by the end of 2023 for customers of the all-new BMW 5 series and further models.

TiVo’s video media platform is a first-of-its-kind, aimed at giving original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) significantly more control over the user experience and helping consumers cut through the clutter of streaming and linear content options with simplified, universal discovery to consumers. With an award-winning content-first experience, global content provider scale and profitable partnership model, Powered by TiVo is the ultimate independent operating system. From the living room to the car, BMW’s endorsement of an independent media platform with a content-first search and discovery experience, validates the market appeal. The BMW implementation will also be part of Xperi’s independent media platform, but will be integrated in automobiles to deliver immersive in-car entertainment experiences.

“Our independent media platform strategy is well suited for the automotive industry as they make advancements in in-cabin technology and creating new and adaptive experiences. We will work closely with BMW to ensure that the in-car video media platform by TiVo provides a best-in-class in-car entertainment experience,” said Jon Kirchner, CEO of Xperi. “Unlike existing platforms, the Powered by TiVo platform traverses entertainment mediums and gives OEMs significantly more control over the user experience.”

"In-car entertainment becomes increasingly important for our customers," said Ingo Lasslop, vice president product management for digital products and services at BMW Group. "This collaboration with Xperi will allow us to deliver a world-class entertainment offering to our customers and transforms their time spent in the vehicle even more into a captivating and enjoyable experience."

Based on decades of experience growing profitable consumer electronics and entertainment ecosystems, the BMW video platform Powered by TiVo will be designed to maximize the in-car entertainment experience.

About Xperi Inc

Xperi invents, develops, and delivers technologies that enable extraordinary experiences. Xperi technologies, delivered via its brands (DTS®, HD Radio™, TiVo®), and by its startup, Perceive, and IMAX Enhanced, an IMAX and DTS partnership, have been integrated into billions of consumer devices and media platforms worldwide, powering smart devices, connected cars and entertainment experiences. Xperi has created a unified ecosystem that reaches highly engaged consumers driving increased value for partners, customers and consumers.


Introducing our latest video showcasing the seamless synergy of ChatGPT and ARLOOPA Studio, your ticket to unlocking a world of limitless imagination and innovation.


Introducing our latest video showcasing the seamless synergy of ChatGPT and ARLOOPA Studio, your ticket to unlocking a world of limitless imagination and innovation.

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Playfly launches playfly sports consulting

prnewswire | July 19, 2023

Playfly Sports, the Fan Focused and Data Driven leader in sports media, marketing and technology, today announced the launch of Playfly Sports Consulting. Led by industry leaders Michael Neuman and Dan Parise, Playfly Sports Consulting will advise brands how best to deploy strategic investments through breakthrough activations across sports and entertainment. "Playfly Sports Consulting will enable Playfly to deepen our value proposition to brands by delivering industry leading sponsorship and experiential marketing expertise that leverages our existing data-driven operating model," said Mike Schreiber, Founder & CEO of Playfly Sports. "We understand fandom better than anyone, so adding Michael and Dan will serve as an important conduit for brands to reach, engage, monetize and measure the connection with their targeted audience." Among the new division's expansive capabilities, the team will provide brands with the ability to procure talent, secure strategic sponsorship solutions, manage intellectual property rights, and activate across a multitude of events and venues. Playfly Sports Consulting will work with clients to capture sports and entertainment opportunities that sit both within and beyond Playfly's portfolio. "Our continued growth, including the development of Playfly Sports Consulting, is driven by our well-established internal enterprise catalyst groups," added Craig Sloan, COO of Playfly Sports. "With the help of our foundational teams' expertise in creative, insights, content production, and more, Michael and Dan will be able to hit the ground running quickly with full Playfly support." "As this landscape becomes increasingly complex, Dan and I will be agnostic in guiding brands to the teams, venues and events that will create the strongest engagement with their desired fanbase," said Michael Neuman, Co-Head of Playfly Sports Consulting. "In a very short period, Playfly has quickly built a dynamic business that spans nearly every area of sports. We are excited to partner with Playfly team members to better serve our clients while also adding our own expertise to elevate Playfly even further." Neuman, who previously served as Founder & Managing Partner of Scout Sports and Entertainment, brings to Playfly more than 30 years of experience. He is recognized for driving business growth with a unique blend of creativity, strategic thinking and business acumen, along with leading and developing multi-faceted companies with diverse revenue streams. Parise is a Sports Business Journal Forty Under 40 recipient and Adweek Media All-Star who previously served as Chief Marketing Officer at Rival. He comes to Playfly with more than 20 years of sports and entertainment experience across agencies, properties and brands, including nearly 10 years alongside Neuman growing Scout Sports and Entertainment. About Playfly Sports Playfly Sports is a sports media, marketing and technology business centered around the team, league, brand, and network. Believing in 'Fandom as a Service' and focusing on a consultative, data driven approach to REACH, ENGAGE, MONETIZE AND MEASURE FANDOM gives the company's partners and brands a competitive advantage. Playfly connects more than 2,000 brand partners with approximately 83% of all U.S. sports fans. Through the proprietary platform the business delivers scalable, data-oriented marketing, technology, and media solutions with capabilities including exclusive MMR management, sponsorship sales and activation, streaming, consulting, ticket/premium sales, all along with new revenue-driving platforms and technologies. Founded in September of 2020, Playfly Sports is now home to approximately 1,000 team members located across 43 U.S. states dedicated to maximizing the impact of highly passionate local sports fans.

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Exploding Kittens Launches New Challenge-Based Party Game, Without Fail

Businesswire | July 10, 2023

Exploding Kittens, a leading gaming and entertainment company, announced the launch of its newest title Without Fail, a game of seemingly easy challenges made horribly difficult by the other players. Each challenge entails physical activity, props, and betting on other players’ abilities, making Without Fail the perfect, socially engaging addition to any game night. “We’ve always said our goal at Exploding Kittens is to not only make entertaining games, but to make the players themselves more entertaining,” said Elan Lee, Co-Creator and CEO of Exploding Kittens. “Without Fail’s brand new challenge mechanics take that concept to a new level. Every challenge starts out simple, but quickly gets harder and sometimes impossible as your friends try to outbid each other on what they think you’re capable of.” The party game offers 150 challenges, involving props like a blindfold, cups and balls, dice, pens, and more – all provided in the game box. The challenges are simple, but there’s a catch. Before a player begins a challenge, their friends bet on how difficult the challenge can be made without failing. The friend who makes the challenge the hardest becomes that player's teammate, and they both score if the player can successfully complete the challenge. However, if they upped the stakes too high and the challenger fails, then all other players earn a point, and the challenger and their teammate both lose points. Success is based entirely on whether players are good judges of their friends’ abilities. “As we've been seeing more games get noticed on social media, we knew we wanted to make a game that was as fun to watch as it is to play,” said Carol Mertz, Senior Game Designer at Exploding Kittens. “Without Fail is meant to incorporate everyone — players and audience alike — to get folks laughing and having a great time whether they're in the room or seeing it on TikTok.” Best for players 10 and up, Without Fail is ideal for group entertainment but can be played with as few as 2 players. Easy to learn with a 20-minute play time, the game’s endless variations and hysterical curveballs keep players coming back for more. Without Fail provides an entirely new gameplay experience each time, not only due to the number of challenges but because the betting and execution vary each round. Without Fail is available now at for $24.99. The game will also be available in-store and online at Walmart starting July 29 and Target starting July 30. To see more of the hilarious gameplay, check out #WithoutFailGame on social media. About Exploding Kittens Exploding Kittens is a leading game and entertainment company with a mission to inspire people to connect, laugh, and play fun games in the physical world. To date, Exploding Kittens is the #1 most-backed project in Kickstarter history and has sold over 25 million games. Started by former Xbox game designer Elan Lee and The Oatmeal’s founder Matthew Inman, Exploding Kittens and its family of games seek to reshape traditional game night into an entertaining person-to-person experience. Today, there are nearly 30 games available for purchase, an exclusive Exploding Kittens mobile game for Netflix subscribers, a free-to-play app, Kitty Letter, and an Exploding Kittens mobile app available iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch as well as an animated Netflix series titled ‘Exploding Kittens’ launching later this year.

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Spurs Sports & Entertainment and Nextiva Announce Official Partnership

businesswire | June 27, 2023

Nextiva, the leading conversation platform, today announced its partnership with Spurs Sports & Entertainment (SS&E), the premier provider of sports and entertainment in South Texas. SS&E owns and operates the San Antonio Spurs (NBA), Austin Spurs (NBA G League), and San Antonio FC (USL). The partnership between Nextiva and SS&E is founded on a mutual passion for creating amazing experiences for customers and fans. Nextiva’s business communications technology will power the fan experience SS&E provides through its phone and contact center service. “Going to a San Antonio Spurs, Austin Spurs or San Antonio FC game is more than just watching a sport. It’s a rich experience rooted in community and connection,” says Tracy Conrad, Nextiva’s Co-founder and Chief Amazing Officer. “The teams want to give their all for the fans, and the fans are right there supporting and celebrating at every moment of the journey. Nextiva is proud to become part of SS&E’s winning story and play a role in these meaningful experiences.” “We’re excited to tap into Nextiva’s long-standing record of helping businesses thrive with innovative, customer-centric communications technology,” says Joe Loomis, SVP Finance, Technology & Culinary Operations. “Working with Nextiva was a no-brainer for us, as we’re dedicated to providing the best brand experiences for our fans, players, and business partners.” Nextiva, a trailblazer in the connected communications category, powers billions of conversations every year across its cloud business phone systems, text and team messaging, video meetings, and more – all from one powerful and intuitive platform. With its recent acquisition of AI customer experience platform Simplify360, Nextiva says it is accelerating its roadmap and working to integrate social media, reputation management, live chat, and helpdesk CRM into its platform in the coming months. About Nextiva Nextiva exists to help businesses grow fearlessly, so they can focus on what matters most – their customers. Over 100,000 businesses trust Nextiva to connect their teams and deliver amazing service in every conversation. Nextiva powers billions of conversations every year across cloud business phone systems, test and team messaging, video meetings, and more – all built for people, not IT wizards. From one powerful communications hub, Nextiva is transforming the way businesses grow, one conversation at a time. Founded in 2008, and headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Nextiva was valued at $2.7 billion dollars by its first and latest financing round in late 2021. Learn more at About Spurs Sports & Entertainment Spurs Sports & Entertainment (SS&E) is a value-based and community-centric sports and entertainment company that provides premier live and global digital experiences for fans across a portfolio of three teams and two venues – all supported by a passionate staff of more than 1,000 full and part-time employees. SS&E owns and operates the San Antonio Spurs (NBA), Austin Spurs (NBA G League), and San Antonio FC (USL), as well as manages the day-to-day operations of the AT&T Center, Toyota Field and STAR Complex. In November 2021, SS&E broke ground on The Rock at La Cantera, a multi-phase $500 million legacy project that will extend across 45 acres and feature a human performance research center, 22-acre park, a community outdoor event plaza and space for medical hospitality, and office use. The campus will be home to the new Victory Capital Performance Center, a state-of-the-art training facility for the San Antonio Spurs, which is scheduled to open later summer of 2023.

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