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HTC Vive, Amazon & Mozilla Take VR Web Integration To The Next Level

January 08, 2019 / Peter Graham

One of the important factors when helping virtual reality (VR) go mainstream is its ability to browse the web. Being online and navigating the digital world has become part of everyday life for billions of people around the world, so it makes sense that being in VR shouldn’t hinder that ability. It’s only recently that browsing the web in VR has ventured away from viewing your normal monitor through a headset, and now HTC Vive wants to push that even further by announcing several new collaborations.The first collaboration is with Mozilla, with HTC Vive announcing that Firefox Reality will now become the default web browser across the product range, including Vive Pro and the upcoming Vive Cosmos.Intertwined with HTC Vive and Mozilla is Amazon Sumerian, enabling HTC Vive developers to concept, test and publish VR-optimized websites, without requiring specialized programming experience.