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Warner Bros., Intel begin testing self-driving car entertainment tech

January 09, 2019 / JEREMY HORWITZ

When word dropped a little over a year ago that Warner Bros. and Intel were working on immersive entertainment for self-driving cars, the idea seemed out there. But now it’s real.At least, it’s real in very limited terms. For this year’s CES, Intel and Warner Bros. have rolled out a BMW X5 concept car outfitted with a large screen TV, projectors, sensory and haptic feedback, and immersive audio and lights. The test car is being used to show off a Batman-themed virtual ride moderated by Batman’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth.The characters, courtesy of Warner Bros., are used within the demo to show off safety features for the autonomous vehicle entertainment experience. Alfred alerts passengers to road closures and shows passengers how Intel’s Responsibility-Sensitive Safety tech drives safely via a process that turns “human notions of safe driving into mathematical equations.”After CES, Intel plans to conduct further research and development on the...