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T-Mobile's TV service delay tied to company's 5G rollout

January 10, 2019 / Ben Munson

T-Mobile’s pay TV service is taking a bit longer than originally anticipated, but the company said that’s partly because it’s intrinsically tied to efforts to bring 5G wireless broadband into the home.During a Citi investor conference, Mike Sievert, chief operating officer for T-Mobile, said broadband and TV service go “hand in hand.”“We see a big opportunity in broadband and that’s one of the reasons why we’re also interested in video,” Sievert said.Sievert said that T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G will be available as soon as 2020, but he admitted that the “massive capacity gains” T-Mobile is anticipating out of its merger with Sprint will take a couple of years to unlock.That new combined company intends to market home broadband in 52% of U.S. zip codes, according to Sievert. Those markets, he said, will be places where T-Mobile’s 5G network creates more capacity than can be consumed by mobile users.“Our ho...