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HTC Vive Pro Eye hands-on: Gaze into VR’s future with foveated rendering

January 10, 2019 / JEREMY HORWITZ

Unexpectedly announced at an early CES 2019 media event, HTC’s latest and highest-end VR headset is the Vive Pro Eye — an upgraded version of the already premium Vive Pro with integrated eye-tracking hardware. The eye tracking can be leveraged for in-app controls, analysis of user attention during training sessions, and foveated rendering.If you’re not already familiar with foveated rendering, it’s about to be a big deal for VR. Cameras inside a headset precisely and quickly track the position of your pupils, enabling the GPU to know where it needs to focus its rendering resources — and where it can skimp. One Vive Pro Eye developer said that with foveated rendering the GPU was saving 30 percent of its power over standard rendering, performance that can be saved to conserve energy or used to increase detail within the area viewed by the pupil.The technology would be ideal for high-resolution gaming, but Vive Pro Eye is specifically being marketed at enterp...