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Top 5 countries for soft-launching hyper-casual games

January 12, 2019 / Brittany A. Roston

Hyper-casual games have some unique advantages over other genres when it comes to soft launches.Their minimal designs often require little-to-no localization for international audiences, and their largely ad-based monetization strategies, mean CPIs can be more than 10-times cheaper than other game genres.In most cases, this means hyper-casual soft launches don’t need to be limited to English-speaking countries — developers can publish anywhere in the world and find audiences that approximate the same behavior of those in countries better known for effective monetization, where higher eCPMs can yield valuable returns once the game goes global.For the majority of hyper-casual soft launches, as with all games, the top priority should be reaching the largest possible audience at the lowest possible cost. As part of our recent hyper-casual games CPI benchmark report, the Tenjin research team analyzed millions of installs across the most popular media buying networks. This allowe...