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Sling TV adds free streaming option for Roku device owners

January 14, 2019 / Tyler Lacoma

Livestreaming TV service Sling TV has launched a free viewing experience for Roku users, enabling them to browse the service as a guest and watch content without paying. The free access is offered to new Sling TV customers who can access the content without creating an account or signing in. In addition to watching content, guests will be able to buy pay-per-view events without subscribing.The new guest access differs from a typical free trial — users don’t need to create an account, sign in, or offer payment information. Instead, Roku users can click a new “Browse as Guest” option, skipping the free trial to get directly into the streaming content. Users can watch the on-demand shows and stream channels.According to Sling TV, it gives these guests access to free episodes of TV shows — it’s unclear how many episodes are free, however. Guests can also subscribe (read: pay for) specific channels they may be interested in, such as Showtime, without sign...