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Puzzle Platformer Anyone’s Diary Will Be Exclusive To European PlayStation VR Owners

January 15, 2019 / Peter Graham

There’s a lot of good content due for release on PlayStation VR this year, but one that you’re unlikely to have heard of is Anyone’s Diary. Developed by Spanish studio World Domination Project in collaboration with Lanzadera, and thanks to content accelerator PlayStation Talents Games Camp Valencia, the puzzle platformer is due for release in Europe this month.A third-person platformer filled with puzzles, in a somewhat surreal looking stylized world full of 2D looking characters, the videogame certainly seems to have some darkness to it as you uncover the story of Anyone.The main character has been designed as a blank canvas so that anyone playing can relate and become the mysterious figure. As the narrative unfolds players will discover parts of Anyone’s life, as if they are reading their journal, growing and exploring the world around them, often returning home at times. The puzzles are intertwined with this, generally representing the internal conflict found...