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Here’s how and where you can watch the best 4K content

January 16, 2019 / Ryan Waniata

If you recently purchased a 4K Ultra HD television — or you’re thinking about scooping one up — you’ll likely find yourself on the hunt for the best 4K content to enjoy (and show off) in all of its sweet, eye-popping glory. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to do.While it’s still nowhere near as prevalent as HD content, the 4K Ultra HD content pipeline has transitioned from a trickle to a steady flow, and in the next few years, it’s going to be more like a rushing river. Some content is only available on certain devices, but that’s a much smaller issue than it used to be. There is also the factor of HDR (high dynamic range), which offers greater color depth and epic contrast, but isn’t supported via every source. Still, most sources have expanded considerably since launch, making this a great time to consider going all-in on 4K Ultra HD.To save you some hassle, we compiled all current and forthcoming major 4K Ultra HD content sourc...