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The Entire Hardlight VR project is now Open Source

January 17, 2019 / Peter Graham

It’s always a sad day when a successful Kickstarter project has to close due to a lack of continued interest. That’s what befell the Hardlight VR team back in September, with the founders issuing a statement notifying backers that the company was closing due to lack of funds. Recently the team updated their Kickstarter page to reveal that the entire Hardlight VR project would be made open source.What does that mean for customers, not a lot really, the company is still shuttered. But for those inventive souls out there who like to tinker with technology in their garages or tool sheds, it means you’ve got all the details to make a Hardlight Suit of your own.“We have made the entire Hardlight project available under the permissive MIT license. This includes:Our SDK and Windows service.