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Adobe just bought in big on gaming

January 23, 2019 / Chris Burns

This morning Adobe acquired Allegorithmic, the makers of the application family called Substance. With this buy, Adobe just became a big name in 3D textures and material creation in both video game and major motion picture video post-production. This is in essence the most major power move of the year (so far) with respect to gaming from the tools end of the industry.Substance was used on massive projects, and continues to be used by companies like Ubisoft and Electronic Arts – and their associated developer groups. It’s also been used by BMW, Louis Vuitton, IKEA, and other non-gaming companies for a wide variety of projects.Tools made by Allegorithmic were used in the making of major motion pictures like Pacific Rim Uprising and Blade Runner 2049. These tools can do a lot. Watch this video just released by Adobe showing how these tools can be used to detail a motorcycle (from Vladamir Petkovic.)