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Major Innovations That Combine Travel And Entertainment Are Under Way

January 23, 2019 / Nelson Granados

In an era where consumers demand experiences and not just products or services, there is a great opportunity for hospitality, media, and entertainment industries to come together and offer unique travel experiences and adventures. The good news for consumers that innovations are starting to happen, along two categories: Virtual and physical experiences.Thanks to virtual reality, consumers can instantly travel to desired locations anywhere in the world, as long as they have a VR set. It could be a city, monument, or an entertainment venue. This is great for consumers who want to avoid the hassle of congested highways and airports, or who simply cannot afford to make the trip.For example, Google has developed its Google Earth VR tool, where you can virtually transport yourself anywhere within the Google Earth app. One interesting application is for hospitality companies to use VR to promote tourist destinations, so the virtual experience becomes a preview of a physical experience. Kurt M...