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Leap Motion Showcase Latest Design Updates For Project North Star

January 27, 2019 / Peter Graham

Better known for its hand-tracking technology, Leap Motion delved into augmented reality (AR) headset design in 2018 announcing Project North Star. Designed as an open source reference for developers to create their own headset, Leap Motion has recently the latest major design update, further improving the overall build and look of the project.The new design has seen a range of adjustments to the frame and build, with one of the most important being a new facial interface, allowing the headsets optics to ‘float’ as the company calls it in front of the users face. This is achieved by the headset only touching the user’s forehead, enabling glasses to be used with Project North Star for the first time.The image above indicates all the new adjustments Leap Motion has made to Project North Star, solving previous issues such as the optics bracket sliding away from the face occasionally. A one-way brake mechanism has been mounted to each side which allows the headset to be s...