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XR Portal Is An Immersive Content Library Specialising In Education [Update]

January 26, 2019 / Peter Graham

As virtual reality (VR) continues to grow outside the realms of the videogame industry there’s a mounting need for easy access to the wealth of educational content being created. Which is why XR entrepreneur and strategist, Maryam Sabour, has launched curated content library XR Portal.XR Portal is an online database of over 500 pieces of immersive content. Emphasising educational experiences, the portal features a collection of 360 videos, VR & AR content, as well as, scientific studies on the effects of XR technology, which is why meetup group NonGamingXR has chosen XR Portal as its official content partner.Using category filters users can search for content varying from history, climate change, science, mindfulness and mental health. The library pulls content from existing platforms such as Youtube360, Within, and RYOT, as well as hosting content from sources such as university labs, educational sites and indie creators. Additionally, through private licenses, XR Portal can...