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PUBG LITE PC BETA will soon be available in 4 more regions

February 05, 2019 / BRITTANY VINCENT

A few weeks back, Player Unknowns Battle Ground popularly known as PUBG released its light-weight version for the low-end PC gamers known as PUBG LITE. Initially, it is available to Thailand region only. But, now the developers have announced that the BETA will be released to four more regions soon, confirmed by the official PUBG LITE facebook page. It is just the time when Tencent will be releasing this PUBG LITE (PC) version globally. They know how much popular the game is among the gamers. They are probably keeping the regions limited for the time being to check if the game is running smoothly on the various low-end PC with their limited server capacity. However, if you really want to try out the PUBG LITE version even though you are not among these five mentioned countries, you can actually play the game by using certain apps and following a few steps. I'll come up with a detailed guide on how to download PUBG LITE in any country. Generally, the original PUBG PC version needs v...