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Synergy Blue Releases New Report on the State of Skill-Based Gaming

February 05, 2019 / BRIAN CRECENTE

Synergy Blue, the premier creator of skill-based games and platforms for an emerging class of players, today released a new report showing the state of adoption and expectation for skill-based games in casinos, and how casinos believe the addition of skill and arcade-like components is impacting how they navigate a changing landscape. The survey found that 70 percent of casinos say they have, plan to, or are considering adopting skill-based games, games with skill components, or games with arcade-style play. Synergy Blue surveyed executives from over 100 casinos about their priorities, challenges, and the role they think skill-based games will have in the future of casino gaming. The report, The State of Skill-Based Games In A New Era of Gambling, shows that casinos are looking to skill as a way to increase playing time and expand player demographic. Considering that casino slot gambling revenue has seen ups and downs in recent years, casino operators are looking for new ways to stay c...