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Space Junkies Confirmed For PlayStation VR, Multiplatform Release Taking Place In March

February 12, 2019 / Peter Graham

Virtual reality (VR) titles like Echo Combat have showcased how popular and fun zero-gravity shooters can be. Looking to muscle in on this genre is Ubisoft’s upcoming action title Space Junkies. Today, the studio has announced not only the release date but also that there will be a PlayStation VR version as well. Space Junkies has been designed as an intense arcade-style first-person shooter with jetpacks, flying around orbital arenas with players engaging in solo deathmatch battles or teaming up in 2 vs 2 battles. “Working with Virtual Reality allowed us to add a real sense of presence for the players. Space Junkies utilizes 3D-localized audio, which will help you hear and locate both your enemies and teammates,” explains Adrian Lacey Producer, Ubisoft Montpellier on PlayStation. Blog.  “Before entering a game, players meet together in the lobby and have the opportunity to share tricks and work on their strategy with teammates before getting into the Orbit...