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Astral Chain is Platinum Games’ next Switch game

February 13, 2019 / Allegra Frank

During this week’s Nintendo Direct, the company announced a new game from Platinum Games and director Hideki Kamiya due on Switch later this summer: Astral Chain, an action game starring two characters in a futuristic world.The two characters are suited up in police uniforms, and appear to fight in tandem as they traverse the “multi-cultural futuristic city” in which they patrol. (We see the characters chained together in several moments throughout the trailer.) The pair of officers isn’t really keeping the peace from petty criminals, though; they’re fighting giant monsters with their huge swords and transforming, human-shaped super-weapon. That’s an anime-inspired, action game for you! Nintendo is keeping quiet about the full gameplay details for now, but expect some high-intensity, fast-paced action, as per the Platinum Games way.Astral Chain will launch on Aug. 30 for Nintendo Switch as an exclusive game, furthering the partnership that Platinum G...