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Google’s Stadia bet: Breaking barriers — if the games and tech can support it

April 11, 2019 / JASON KINGSLEY

How about this for an idea: a digital entertainment platform which can stream high-quality content from a remote data center to any device, anywhere in the world. Sound familiar? How about one step further, offering spectators the chance to either sit back and watch or jump straight into the screen.Enter Google Stadia. The announcement of the tech giant’s new cloud gaming service may look initially as the Netflix model for gamers, delivering digital game entertainment to the masses, followed closely by April’s announcement of “Start” from Chinese tech giant Tencent, who similarly offer to put high-quality gaming within the reach of any device, at any time, through the cloud. But there’s a major development. Stadia is promising to give you the complete free will to either sit back and spectate people all over the world playing live games or deciding to get involved and play too — all in real time. Everyone could be a protagonist in what could be the g...