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NexTech opens augmented reality entertainment studio in Hollywood

April 14, 2019 / KYT DOTSON

Augmented reality technology provider NexTech AR Solutions Corp. announced Friday that the company is taking its industrywide software development in a new direction: to Hollywood.With its new AR Studio in Hollywood, NexTech intends to launch a proprietary entertainment venue that will focus on producing immersive content using next generation AR on mobile devices and smart glasses.“NexTech is building an innovative concept for immersive entertainment that I’ve been waiting over five years to materialize,” Barry Sandrew, a  visual effects pioneer and serial entrepreneur acting as adviser to NexTech. “Within AR Studios the technology, talent and opportunity to create this new form of storytelling have converged into what promises to become a game changing entertainment venue.”Augmented reality uses cameras and display technology in order to overlay virtual objects onto reality. Using this layering technology, users can view objects and things as if they exist in reality just by pointing a mobile device’s screen at an open area, a table or a wall.For example, AR marketing campaigns for furniture could display a new couch in an empty spot in a room or change a wall’s paint color or wallpaper. This technology has been used to project everything from people into rooms, cars into garages, create virtual games that can be played on a tabletop and even bring architectural and product models to life for business meetings.