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HDR10+ is coming to more TVs, could be serious competition for Dolby Vision

June 21, 2018 / Kris Wouk

When it comes to high dynamic range (HDR), you generally have two options: Dolby Vision or HDR10. Dolby Vision currently seems to be king, but if companies want to use it, they need to pay to license it. HDR10 is an open standard but doesn’t support many of the key features of Dolby Vision, so while many TVs offer the tech, it might not look as good. There are other, less popular options like Hybrid Log Gamma, but Dolby Vision and HDR10 remain the main options. Then there is HDR10+, an open standard that rivals Dolby Vision in its features, but is only available in select Samsung and Panasonic TVs. At least it was until now.