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Magic Leap One: Everything We Know So Far

August 07, 2018 / STEPHANIE CHAN

First fully revealed to Rolling Stone in 2017, the first publicly available version of the Magic Leap One headset will go on sale in the next month or so.The ever-growing team behind the mixed-reality headset and pocket-computer system say they believe the gear will reinvent the way people interact with not just computers, but reality. Where virtual-reality headsets recreate a user’s world inside a diver’s mask-like headset, Magic Leap aims to mix its creations with the reality a user inhabits. In the lead-up to a likely approaching media storm of new previews and interviews, now is a good time to go over exactly what we know so far about the technology, what its initial promise was and what we’re still hoping to learn.The mixed-reality system uses an Nvidia Tegra X2 processor. The system on a chip, codenamed Parker, makes use of two ARM Cortex-A57 cores as well as a Denver 2 core.