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Sony Releasing a Cloud Remote for PlayStation 4

August 23, 2018 / Liz Lanier

Sony’s got a new remote for your PlayStation 4 media needs.Whether streaming from Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon – or even just playing blu-rays – you can do it all from the PlayStation 4 provided controller. But, this new cloud remote has a couple of handy features and a more recognizable and intuitive design for those not used to using game controllers.First up, the cloud remote connects wirelessly, as the name implies, via bluetooth. The remote can also control your television’s volume and power, meaning you don’t have to have two remotes on hand for easy viewing.Plus, the setup claims to be super simple (“hassle-free” in the Playstation blog’s words) so if you’re prone to frustration it could be the way to go. The design of the remote is simple too, in that it has “everything you need and nothing you don’t.”