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Synaptics chip paves the way for dual 2K VR headsets with 1,000 PPI

August 28, 2018 / JEREMY HORWITZ

Every new computer screen depends upon a chip to update millions of pixels faster than your eyes can detect the changes  a particular challenge for VR, which requires dual displays. Today, Synaptics is raising the bar for flagship VR headsets by announcing two new components: a VR display driver chip and a cable interface that will collectively let computers drive two separate 2K eye displays at once.“While virtual reality devices are becoming more common,” said Synaptics’ SVP Huibert Verhoeven, “issues remain with maintaining high-resolution graphics and avoiding motion sickness and the screen door effect. These display and connectivity issues can hinder even the best user experience, which is why Synaptics is focused on tackling these challenges for new generations of HMDs and a superior HMI experience.”