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Swann is arming its 4K Ultra HD security cams with Google Assistant

August 28, 2018 / JEREMY HORWITZ

“Hey, Google, show me the front door,” seems like an increasingly popular command among owners of security cameras, and today smart home company Swann becomes the first firm to launch Google Assistant voice control on its wired multi-camera 4k surveillance systems. Potential thieves better adjust their makeup because Swann’s cameras have a scary high resolution and some other bells and whistles that set them apart from the competition.The basic Swann camera runs about $99 but some truly serious surveillance customers can start at around $400 for a Swann 4K DVR Series package that includes that includes 4K Ultra 4D cameras (kits available with 4 or 8 cameras, with individual cameras sold separately) as well as free local recording for 180-plus days onto a massive 2TB hard drive as well as delivery to a personal Dropbox account.