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Newzoo expects that esports will help video games outgross traditional sports

August 29, 2018 / JEFF GRUBB

Every few years, research firm Newzoo makes predictions about the future of esports. It has done that recently for the consumer side, but now it’s back to do that again for the business of esports. And it continues to expect big things for this space, like $1.7 billion in revenues 2021.Newzoo’s biggest prediction for 2021 is that every major U.S. media conglomerate will have esports media rights in their portfolio. That’s not an outlandish statement, as it feels like we’re already heading in that direction, but this could represent the biggest increase in revenue for the esports industry.“U.S. media conglomerates such as Disney, Comcast, and AT&T are already looking into content rights for esports,” reads Newzoo’s blog post. “As these companies look to entice younger consumers, they will become even more active in the scene. We expect these companies to not only feature esports on their linear media platforms, as seen with the Overwat...