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Angry Birds Is Coming To Magic Leap One Creator Edition

September 19, 2018 / JAMIE FELTHAM

Magic Leap One is getting its first videogame from a major brand: Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds.Resolution Games, a Stockholm-based developer best known for VR games like Bait! and Narrows (and was notably founded by former members of Candy Crush Saga developers, King), today announced Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slingshot, which is on its way to the new augmented reality headset. The Angry Birds games rose to fame as an addictive series of smartphone titles in which you fired moody feathered friends into towers to topple then and has since grown into a massive franchise including movies and toys.As the name suggests, the first AR entry in the franchise is played from a first-person perspective. Using Magic Leap’s remote-like motion controller, you fire birds at virtual towers that appear in the real world around you. Successful hits will send Jenga-like blocks flying, causing structures to crumble and even crush the green pigs that hide within them. You earn points b...