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Deeper Dive How Netflix is bracing for the coming licensed content exodus

December 07, 2018 / Ben Munson

Netflix is well aware that Disney, WarnerMedia, Comcast and others will eventually pull back their content for their own platforms. But new figures paint a dire portrait of the aftermath of that shift.Ampere Analysis’ research—spotted by Recode—suggests Netflix could lose 20% of its content when Comcast, Disney, Fox and WarnerMedia snatch back their shows and movies. The figures are based on the amount of hours of content available on the Netflix platform.While those four media companies (soon to be three should Disney succeed in acquiring Fox for $71.3 billion) represent a big chunk of Netflix’s content hours, they aren’t the only studios with massive presences on the U.S.’ largest streaming service. Viacom, CBS, Sony, BBC, PBS, MGM and HBO also represent a combined 13.2% of content hours on Netflix, and other production companies represent a combined 59.2%. Netflix originals account for 8%.As Recode points out, total content hours does not necessar...