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The Autonomous Car Is The Next Entertainment Frontier

December 17, 2018 / Sol Rogers

Self-driving cars are an inevitability and will unlock the potential for cars to transform beyond a simple means of transport.In the not too distant future, drivers will find themselves with a great deal of free time in-car. Rather than having to focus on driving, time can be spent on working, being entertained, or simply relaxing.Audi calls this newly recoverable time "The 25th Hour” and recently revealed that it was working on a new type of media to fill the time. Exclusively speaking to Roadshow, Audi confirmed that it's partnering with The Walt Disney Company and will be revealing the technology they've created, alongside their plans to bring it to market, at the CES trade show in January 2019.Whilst the technology has not yet been seen, Roadshow’s Chris Paukert speculates that it will be “some sort of interactive rear-seat multimedia experience, potentially involving augmented reality technology that involves not just what's inside a vehicle'...