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4K vs 8K: Is it worth upgrading to Full UHD?

May 13, 2019 / Stephen Lambrechts

We all know the feeling: you've saved up all your dollars and cents in order to buy that state-of-the-art new television you've had your eye on, and shortly after you've purchased said TV, a new wave of next-generation TVs is announced which promises to outperform your set in absolutely every way.Where currently in that situation with 4K vs 8K TVs, and while having widespread access to true 8K UHD content is a long way off (we’re talking years here), many TV manufacturers are hoping that the impressive upscaling and greater clarity offered by this first wave of 8K sets will be enough to convince enthusiasts that they can already benefit from owning one.In an effort to demonstrate the difference in visual fidelity between its top 4K and 8K TV models, we were invited to Samsung's Australian headquarters to spend a few hours viewing both sets side-by-side. Here's what we took away from our time comparing Samsung's Q9F 4K QLED TV from last year to its new Q900...