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5 Upcoming Oculus Exclusives That Could Carry Rift S

April 26, 2019 / DAVID HEANEY

Facebook is launching a replacement for the Oculus Rift this Spring called Rift S.Every Oculus VR headset launch so far has been accompanied with a collection of new games. These five major Oculus exclusives launching this year could be Rift S’s big hitters.All five games are fully funded by Oculus Studios, Facebook’s VR content division. All will work with the current Oculus Rift headset. Rift S is a refresh, fully backwards compatible. The game features a vast open world that is part procedural and part hand-crafted. It also features mechanics like crafting, gliding, and climbing. The graphics look incredible from what we’ve seen when we went hands-on with it. This honestly may be the best looking made-for-VR open world title yet. When we tried it at PAX West last year we were blown away, concluding that it could be something truly special.Insomniac’s previous VR titles were the 3rd-person Lovecraftian adventure Edge of Nowhere [9/10], a lackluster top-down vi...