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8K Association sees Samsung, TCL and more push next-gen TV tech

January 11, 2019 / Chris Davies

It may seem like early days for 8K, but TV-makers are keen to get even higher resolution sets on your agenda – and for you to open your wallet – even before many have upgraded to 4K Ultra HD. A group of the biggest names in TV hardware and display manufacturing – including Samsung and TCL Electronics – have joined forces to create the 8K Association.As you might expect, its purpose is fairly straightforward: convince us that the time is ripe for 8K. The 8K Association – or 8KA as it will be known – won’t just be focused on consumers considering a TV upgrade, however. It’ll also be pushing professionals to bring 8K into their workflow, too.It’s been founded by Samsung Electronics, Panasonic, Hisense, and TCL Electronics on the consumer electronics side, along with AU Optronics, one of the leading panel suppliers. Samsung Display “is also in the process of joining,” the 8KA says.Together they’ll be forming a nonprofi...