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All The PlayStation VR Videogame Release Date’s From Sony’s State Of Play Broadcast

March 26, 2019 / Peter Graham

To kick off the first State of Play programme Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) had quite the virtual reality (VR) show to put on, with a myriad of videogame announcements almost purely focused on PlayStation VR. It all went by in quite a burr of videos, dates and information, so VRFocus has collated it all together. It certainly looks like a good year for PlayStation VR owners, with 12 titles confirmed for this year, from brand new ones like Iron Man VR to videogames that have been teased for years like No Man’s Sky. PlayStation VR fans have been waiting quite a while for some of those dates, such as London Studios’ seedy dive into the criminal underworld with Blood & Truth, or for something a little lighter there’s always Owlchemy Labs’ Vacation Simulator which is coming to PC VR headsets first next month.