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Angry Birds VR and Bait! Dev Resolution Games Working On ‘A Few’ Oculus Quest Games

February 27, 2019 / DAVID JAGNEAUX

Now that GDC is fast-approaching more and more VR developers are coming out of the woodwork to place their “We’re making games on Oculus Quest!” billboards for all the world to see. Recently Fast Travel Games, creators of Apex Construct, did so on Twitter and now Resolution Games, creators of Bait!, Narrows, Angry Birds VR, and Wonderglade are doing the same Today on Twitter, Resolution Games announced that they’re working “a few” Oculus Quest titles. We can assume that at least one of them is the port of Angry Birds VR, since they already told us that was a targeted platform, and probably Bait! since it seems like they’re biggest hit so far. Narrows seems less likely, although porting from Go would be very easy and the same goes for Wonderglade, but those could get ports later on.What we’re hoping for are some new titles. We should get more details in just a few weeks as Resolution Games will be showing off what they’re working on ...