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Apple hires the founder of VR content startup Jaunt

April 09, 2019 / Jon Fingas

Apple just made another key hire to bolster its augmented reality plans. Variety has discovered that Apple recently hired Arthur van Hoff (shown at left), the founder of VR content startup Jaunt, as a Senior Architect for an unnamed team. While it's not certain what he'll be doing, van Hoff is a veteran of multi-camera systems and video creation for AR and VR, not to mention capturing 3D images using depth-sensing cameras. He'd been helping Jaunt shift its focus to AR until he bowed out in December 2018.The hire comes just two months after HoloLens co-creator Avi Bar-Zeev left Apple following three years of work believed to be linked to the company's planned AR headset. There are a number of potential applications for van Hoff's experience. He could help with the development of the rumored headset, including the creation of content. However, there are also rumors of Apple adding laser-assisted cameras to the iPhone to capture depth data that just isn't possible ...