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AR Firm Biba Recognized As One Of The Top 10 Most Innovative Gaming Companies

March 04, 2019 / Dan Burgar

The developers behind AR-powered smart playgroundsChild obesity rates in the United States have soared since 1970. Nearly one in five school-age kids in the U.S. currently have the disease, and parents can blame—in part—kids’ increasing desire to sit on the couch.While a number of factors influence children’s inactivity, video games in particular rank near the top of the list. According to Nielsen—an organization that provides market research, insights, and data about what people watch, listen, and buy—kids spend more than six hours playing games a week: a number that’s far higher than time spent exercising.Vancouver-based company Biba, however, has chosen not to fight that trend. Rather than compete against kids’ enthusiasm for gaming, the organization uses it towards their advantage. Essentially what Biba does is to transform any playground into a smart playground,” says Matt Toner, the company’s CEO. “We’re givi...