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ArmZ VR Is A Giant Mech Wave Shooter Coming To Steam Early Access Next Week

March 22, 2019 / Peter Graham

There have been a number of mech-based virtual reality (VR) shooters appear for gamers with Vox Machinae and  Archangel: Hellfire two of the best. Today, indie development studio Televisor has revealed its giant robot-based shooter,  ArmZ VR, which is coming to Steam Early Access next week. ArmZ VR puts you in some sort of David Cronenberg like world where there has been another world war but this time things didn’t end so well. Humanity is restricted to giant walled in cities which must defend themselves from hordes of horrifying human-machine hybrids that roam the wastelands in between. As a survivor living in one of these cities you need to protect, and luckily you have the tools to do so, massive remotely controlled war machines called ARMZ.A no holds barred wave shooter, in ArmZ VR you have two choices, all guns blazing or something a little more tactile. Equipped with mini-guns you can lay waste to the battlefield in a hail of bullets and bloodshed. Or how about s...